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Infamous Gig photo, leaves me looking like a goldfish

Hello. I’m new to Fiverr. I was able to upload my Gig Photo. It looks ok after the upload. But, when I look at in Search mode it’s way too zoomed in. I’ve tried changing the dimensions & putting it in landscape format without luck. Fiverr staff said the photo needed to be at least 690x426. Thank you for the help. Collin

Just create it in the same aspect ratio as 690x426, ie. about 1.6197:1, don’t use an image that’s a lot narrower aspect ratio.

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Thank you for the help uk1000. How do I take a new picture and control the aspect ratio to be 690x426? Is there a setting in the camera for this?:confused:

I don’t know what camera you have or if you have a landscape mode on it, but you could take a photo from further away that will allow you to crop it to that aspect ratio (1.6197:1), even if the camera takes it in some other aspect ratio like 1:1 or 1.5:1. You could look at the camera’s manual to see if there’s an aspect ratio option but it probably won’t have the exact aspect ratio required by Fiverr so some cropping will be needed before you upload it, ie. It’s the aspect ratio of the uploaded image that’s important. The pixel size can be higher than 690x426 if you wanted but if you keep it that aspect ratio it should be okay on the profile page when showing your gig(s).

Though remember these points from the Gig images dos and don’ts page at:

Make sure your Gig image is related to the service you are offering. Irrelevant images not only compromise your Gig’s credibility, but also lower its chances of getting promoted in editorial features.

If you own more than a single Gig, be sure to choose a different image to each one. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.

eg. an image that’s just an image of you (with no other stuff about websites/content.) might not be seen as related enough for a “website content” gig, and if you created another gig you’d have to create a different image anyway (they want each gig image to be unique).

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Hi uk1000. Thank you for help getting me started. I appreciate the time you put in to help me with this. Your info. was exactly what I was looking for.

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