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Infected Attachment! BEAWARE

Hi, Fiverr Sellers

As due to rule I cannot share the name of that buyer who is sending malware file in type of .doc. Please beware of him and report him, for hint JOKER.

File name that he sent to me is: 040917.doc(82.5 KB)

It contains a keylogger.


Thanks for the Information. I downloaded it but have not opened it yet. What should I do?

Ok, If you haven’t opened it then delete it and report that buyer to fiverr.

I received an infected file but that was an exe format file and was already reported by many users. What was actually that?

An EXE file contains an executable program for Windows. EXE is short for “executable,” and it is the standard file extension used by Windows programs. If that was infected than there was malware in it.

How that was harmful?

OK, let me explain you in simple way. That exe file was infected which means there was malware in that, and those infected file mostly contains malwares of type KEYLOGGERS.

Now what keylogger will do? It will save your all keystrokes and send them to hacker.

A keylogger has the capability to record every keystroke you make to a log file, usually encrypted. A keylogger recorder can record instant messages, e-mail, and any information you type at any time using your keyboard.

So when ever you will type your fiverr password or debit card number then he will have your all information.

Read here for more details:

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GOTCHA DUDE!!! FML I am save lol

I don’t think deleting the file will help out. Some Keyloggers once they’re settled in, they start working. I hope it’s not one of them.

I did not download it, i saw reported message and file was of EXE format.

If you haven’t open the file then simply delete option is best.

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To those who downloaded any Keylogger by mistake, here’s how to permanently remove it.

Open “run” from start,
Write down “Regedit” on it then click on Ok.
After doing so, Another tab will be opened,
Click on the “+” sign which is beside the word “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” then open directly the following folders “Software” > “Microsoft” > “windows” > “Current version” > “run”

When clicking on “run”, the tab you’ve already opened should change the content inside it.
On the right side, Check all the names & data. If you found a name with no data or a small arrow in the data field, then this is a Keylogger program.
If you found any, right click and then delete.

This info was from a book written in 2011. I hope it helps.