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Influx of spam messages

As of late, I have received 6-7 spam messages from the same individual(s), claiming to be a female from Sierra Leone, “seeking friendship”.

I receive several of these messages. Anyone else being bothered by this? I always report it as spam. But it’s annoying!

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Me too it’s boring indeed.

I’ve received the same message.

I’ve received 2 spam messages from the same person and 1 spam message from another person (or maybe it’s just the same person for all of those spam messages, I don’t know). :unamused: The system automatically reports those messages as spam because they contain information that’s against TOS.

Still annoying. Sometimes they get autoflagged as spam, other times I have to report them. It’s not a big issue of course, but I felt I had to rant some about it! :rage:

The annoying thing with this is that if they are already flagged you have to unspam them, answer one time and then flag them again. Otherwise your response rate goes down the tubes.


Really? I wasn’t aware of this. Maybe you just made clear to me why my damn response rate is sinking like the Titanic!

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PS - I simply reported them as spam, even though they were automatically flagged, and I thought that was enough.