Info about cancelled gigs


Somebody has messaged me stating that they clicked order on one of my gigs by mistake and asked for this to be mutually cancelled which I have. I was wondering if this effects me in anyway as I want to keep a good record on fiverr. Then it got me thinking, what if people where to do this maliciously just to bring my score down. Could anyone clarify this for me?


Cancellations impact your ratio, but not your ratings. Mutual cancellations are the best type of cancellation to have. If it was done maliciously and in large enough quantity it could have a very negative impact.


Thanks for the quick response. I suppose I should just assume it was a genuine mistake. Hopefully it wont happen again. I really enjoy doing work through fiverr and want to give my customers the best possible service I can. It just seems slightly to easy for people to effect your score in a negative way if malice was their reason. Maybe I’m reading to much into it but thanks again for getting back to me.