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Inform us if the buyer marked the order as complete or if Fiverr did

For the orders that I don’t get reviews on, I would like to know if the time simply ran out and the buyer still hasn’t come back to complete it themselves, or if the buyer actually did in fact mark it as complete, but then didn’t leave a review.

It would help my evaluate my services as I view an unreviewed order as negative feedback.

You should not consider unreviewed orders as negative in anyway whatsoever. That is not that case at all. Not all buyers are interested in leaving reviews. I have bought several gigs that I have liked over the years but I do not always rate/review it. I don’t want my profile listing on every single sellers page that I buy from. It’s nothing personal to sellers, jsut my own preference.

So I think you are a little incorrect in thinking it’s negative because someone didn’t leave a review. For example do you write a review online of every single restaurant you have ever eaten in? If the food was good and you liked it, are you saying that you really consider the food to be bad because you didn’t rate the restaurant? See my point, not everyone leaves reviews on everything they buy. Do you review every store you shop in? Have you left a rating for every person who has ever cut your hair? Every doctor that you have been to? All service providers have various network websites, along with popular ones like Yelp, for leaving reviews.

Buyers are not as concerned about ratings as sellers.

In fact I would consider any unreviewed order as a good one, because if it was bad they would mostly tell you and try to have it modified or ask for a refund.

I consider it negative because the review option is presented to you immediately and prominently, making it hard to ignore or miss. If I went to a restaurant or store, and as soon as I made my purchase, a big easy option to leave a review was presented to me, I would most likely do it if I was very pleased with my experience. But probably wouldn’t if my experience was just “meh”.

But as you say, people have their own reasons for not leaving a review and I’ll try not to take it personally.

The buyer always needs to rate the gig to mark it completed, either 1 or 5 stars, they have to rate it, there’s no other way to mark it completed. And with the current system, it automatically add a review according to the stars, like 5 stars = outstanding experience. So if you don’t see anything, then your buyer didn’t rate.

This message says the order was auto completed without stars or comment."Great news! whatsisname just marked this order as complete."
This one says the buyer gave 5 stars but left no comment. "Outstanding Experience!"
There is no ambiguity about these messages.

Reply to @talethia: But not true. It’s not some big sign. It’s just a delivery message and then it’s underneath and it says in basically normal type, ‘please rate your experience.’ Depending on how long delivery messages are, not everyone even scrolls down and pays attention to it.

Also, “meh” is not automically bad, “meh” to most people is the food is edible and it was fine. Some people only rate things if it was so over the top fantastic great. And not everyone would want to leave their name at the restaurant. I can share I have received gigs that are just fine and even good, I send a personal thank you, I personally do not like leaving ratings and reviews. Ocassionally I do, but most often I do not.

So yes, do not take it personally. This issue gets discussed in the forums often as new users get upset when learning to use Fiverr the first time someone doesn’t leave a review.

Reply to @miacmht: the buyer does not have to do it. a gig will automatically be marked complete after 3 days. And I do not think it automaitcally adds reviews for general gigs completed, but I know it marks it automatically a 1 if a seller cancels or is late on delivery and the buyer asks for a refund or something like that.

Reply to @sincere18: if it’s automatically completed by the system, there wouldn’t be any star rating or a review. That is my point. The op can distinguish which is completed by Fiverr and which is completed by the buyer.
It does automatically add a comment if the buyer just rate by stars and don’t write anything. Do you really think that many people come up with the same "outstanding experience "?

Reply to @miacmht: yes, if the buyer gives it a star rating to begin with, but I think the OP means if the buyer doesn’t give any star rating.

Reply to @sincere18: agreed

Reply to @sincere18: You would be right.

Reply to @sincere18: if the buyer doesn’t give any star rating then the order won’t be completed, until Fiverr system marks it automatically. So, rating=buyer marks it, no rating=Fiverr marks it.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Reply to @starrymighty: I just read this in their FAQ. I didn’t know that a buyer HAD to rate your gig in order for them to mark it as completed. Now things are much more clear.

I can explain.