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Information about after got a warning. Argent Help needed!



I am new on fiverr , I ve created this account 4 months ago but not posted any job.I started selling from last 2 months.

However, One of my client asked me to send my email so that he can send me some information.I didn’t know that sharing contact information is not allowed, I tried to send my email but red box appeared so, I tried it in different way like name at domain dot com by replacing " @", “.” and the message box didn’t appeared red color also msg successfully sent.I wake up morning, checked my email and noticed a warning mail from fiverr.Suddenly I logged on fiverr and noticed a warning on top with a button ops wont do it again. also noticed that my level badge gone .Opened analytics and it shows me that 90% to level 1 complete. Again I completed 12 or more order but nothing gonna happened Note: My feedback is 100% excellent and completed 45 order…Would anyone help me to overcome this problem?




Actually I didn’t know that this is going to be that hard. I just thought fiverr made this functionality to stop sharing contact information nothing more than it… Now is there any way to fix this ?



This happened to me about 18 months ago, just as it did with you. If you continue to deliver gigs with high ratings, they will restore your reputation, but it takes some time. You will need to deliver a lot more than the usual number of gigs to get to your previous level. Just relax, and keep working. I was a level 2 seller when I got knocked down, I think it took nearly 4 months of delivering on-time gigs with good feedback before they restored my Level 2.



Reply to @johnnewland: thank u, As I am a WordPresss Developer, maximum number of my delivery Price is more 50$. but my buyer now cant order 50$ at a time. to pay me 50$ he should order 10 times.and submit information 10times…And some projects are for more than 150 -250$. then he has to order 50times…Its actually difficult to handle for both me and client…and ask him for rating is just ridiculous and bore…Is there any way ?