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Information about delivery after a modification

Hi !
I want to ask something about the time in which I can deliver my order again after a modification is requested. Is it necessary to deliver again in 24 hours or not? What basically is the criterion?

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I don’t think there is any set time, but it is important to remember that the buyer was hoping to get a complete and desirable delivery by the time the gig was originally due. If you have a gig that is due in 5 days and you deliver it in 3, then the buyer asks for a modification, it makes logical sense that the buyer would hope to receive the revised delivery within a couple of days before the 5-day deadline is passed.

If the deadline has already passed, then I would suggest re-delivering as soon as possible. The longer it takes you to deliver, the higher the chance you could receive a review that you don’t want. If you need more time for a good reason, try explaining that to the buyer. Communication can go a long way.


You can use the Resolve center option to extend the delivery time if you deliver your order on time but your buyer request for modification and came back to you after order is LATE.