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Information for completing order

I recently got an order from an buyer to develop an android app and i made the app as per the buyer’s satisfaction and the order was marked as complete with 5 star ratings. After that the buyer wanted me to help her configure the app and upload it to google playstore and thus she placed an 2nd order. I started to work but as the app had social login button with Facebook and google, then had google maps services , firebase services and also had server communication so i needed all the keys and api of those services as well as the server access to configure everything to upload the app in Playstore. Initialy i tried to guide the buyer so that she can do it on her own but in some cases she was unable to do it correctly on her own. So i was forced to ask her to give her facebook credentials to open facebook for developer to setup the app in her Facebook for Developer account and get the app id. I had also asked her for her server access details and her server credentials contained her personal email address.
I am aware that we can’t ask for contact details, so i am afraid that unknowingly did i violated fiverr TOS.

Did i made any mistake in asking all these accounts, I already mailed fiverr three days ago but didn’t received any reply and my order timeline is almost near.

Lastly all our conversation were done through fiverr only we had not made any outside payment or conversation.

  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Actually i have my gigs to develop app or website. I didn’t have any gigs to upload apps to server & different kinds of apps had different types of information required. So i didn’t put those requirements in my gigs details. So the requirements was not available on the gigs page and thus i was not able to mention it while making the offer. But i clearly wrote that ‘i shall help you to upload your app to playstore’.

But all the requirements were genuine and my seller trusted me and i also told her if she is uncomfortable to share those details then we will try some different way. But she aggred to share all those required account credentials.
All our communication was also done through fiverr only.

Do i need to worry about anything. I had recently twitted fiverr support and they told me if everything is related to the service and if all conversation is done through fiverr than i am safe