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Information on procedure

hello fiverr community iam new freelancer here and i would like to know how’s it going and what is the procedure when for example i delivred the work and i made many revisions for the client and he is always not satisfied and he does not want to release the payment and I do not want to cancel the order can someone tell me what is the procedure in this case and how’s it going thanks


Fiverr want you and your buyer to work it out. I suggest offering revisions to get it right and work with them. If you are new to Fiverr then a cancellation can feel quite damaging early on.

If that fails then you can go to Customer Support, but they will advise either sort it out, cancel or part refund.

If you type “buyer wants to cancel” in the search bar above you will find lots of posts on the subject.

what do you mean by part refund can you explain me this?

and also if i go to the support i must choose between cancelation and part refund my question is in this case if i choose cancelation the client can make a review on my service ?? and if i choose part refund the client can also make a review on my service?? thanks

They have suggested part refund in the past. the buyer orders another smaller gig from you, and then you cancel the existing one. It’s clunky but serves a purpose.