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Information Sharing Methods

I am freelancer and joined fiverr few days before. I normally provide financial services to my clients. One client asked me to develop a bookkeeping system for his business. We have discussed all the points but client asked for any mobile app that do automatic filtering of his bills, so that we work with each other without any ambiguity. I refused him by saying that direct contact with clients is not allowed in accordance with Fiverr’s terms and he can share everything here.

I want to know that does fiverr provide any type of application or platform where my clients can share their business information easily. ?

I would suggest keeping your offers really simple one problem, one solution. I would disagree with the communication. I see Fiverr mail immediately, I check email twice a day, and seem to only see skype message once a day. That’s just how I am wired right now. Fiverr can have your back through the process if all of your communication is in the Fiverr system. Just figure out how to make it work for your gigs. Customers are hesitant to depend on the Fiverr mail system. Just let them know that you will communicate best here on Fiverr.

The buyers request is against the Terms of Use so you were correct in telling them no. And no, all information needs to be shared through Fiverr, that is the whole point of Fiverr, it’s not just some freelance finder service.

Now, as a buyer I would never want to share my personal and detailed banking and financial information with a system where the other person is anonymous to me. Would you expect any legit person should share their banking and financial information with a complete stranger? I am not sure if Fiverr is a good platform for this kind of service.

NOw, that being said, there are cases where some sellers contact Fiverr Customer Support to ask if contact outside the system is ok, and they approve. For example some people that offer coaching sessions are able to give out their Skype ID so they can do Skype sessions. However, be aware that the information is NOT given out until after someone buys and pays for a gig.

This may be something you can talk with Fiverr about and see what suggestions they offer. But I am curious, in your regular work doing this, how do you normally have your clients communicate sensitive financial information to you?

I agree with everything @sincere18 said. You can ask for permission from CS, but it’s a toss of a coin as to whether there is enough trust in this environment that you’d makes sales, even if you do get permission.