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Injustice because of a fake buyer

A buyer get a design from me. After I delivered the files, he cancelled the order through Fiverr customer support and get the refund. Then Fiverr limited and reviewed my account and let me know I copied a logo from another site. But the really happened is that buyer stolen my design and uploaded to his site or re-sell my logo for another one. Is there anyone who can help to find the date of upload the logo on that site?


All of your work must be original. If Fiverr took action against your account for stealing the work of others, then they likely had strong evidence of what they claimed.

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To have some info on when it was uploaded/created you could look at the properties of the image/metadata, the properties of the web page, the google cache of the website, any copies of the page on archive . org. and compare any of those dates/times with the date/time you created it/delivered it.

You could also show the source file of your image to Fiverr support if that will help show you created it.


Yes, maybe do some screen snapshots or something from Photoshop and explain what happened.

In the future you should put author info, etc. in the File Info field in Photoshop.

I think most people aren’t smart enough to know how to go in and delete it. And you could prove that you created the image that way in the future.


http://******** This is the site who stole and uploaded my logo. Anyone can find the uploaded date and time details of the logo in this site?

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Sorry I couldn’t find the date of the image. It didn’t have a page an archive . org and the Google webcache didn’t give a date (it usually does). I don’t know if an image search for it would help but you could try - I didn’t find anything. I looked at the properties of the image but that didn’t give any useful info.

It’s most probably a recent site because it still has “Lorem ipsum” in different places on the home page of the site. The main web page (home page) has a “last modified” date of 22 March 2019, 18:31:55 GMT according to http response (though I don’t know if that’s accurate).

Maybe there’s a researcher on the main Fiverr site that could find the info.

You say “But the really happened is that buyer stolen my design and uploaded to his site or re-sell my logo for another one” - you should be able to check if the buyer has uploaded it to his site probably. I assume you know the name of the company/URL or can do an image search for the exact logo that was delivered.


See attached!!! Hope it helps.


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That’s the modification date & time of the page itself like specified above (given by http response). It may or may not be when the image itself was uploaded/changed. Maybe it was that date, though maybe it could have been another element of the site that was modified at that date/time (eg. in theory the image date could have been earlier).

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The host of the website as per my research is

You can contact them for further clarification.


Also, the author of the website (according to Firefox page info) is the same name as a Fiverr seller).

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No active gigs under the same name. Might be a coincidence if the author is a seller on fiverr. (Location differs though).


Logo Last Modified on the website - last modified Feb 26, 2020.


This image was modified today only, as of Feb 28 2020

The logo modified on Feb 26 2020.

Rest of the images are modified in 2018.

Note: This is my research only based on the responses received from the website. You should contact the host provided in my earlier post for further clarification.

Good Luck!!


I doubt it is a coincidence.Most dodgy resellers use multiple Fiverr accounts so they can find ways to get work FOC.

To me, this looks like a reseller building a website for a client (Infinity Fitness) by farming out work to Fiverr sellers.

Other than that, I have nothing to add here as I am to tired too go all Sherlock Holmes. However, this thread is gripping. It’s like Fiverr CSI.

Keep it up @uk1000 and @rahulgraphics!


Thank you very much for your time and effort. I’m highly appreciate that. They help me a lot to solve this. Thanks again

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Thank you very much for your time and effort. I’m highly appreciate that. They help me a lot to solve this. Thank you

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Also the author of the site that’s the same name as a Fiverr user - it might be a Fiverr buyer only (if it is the same person and not just a coincidence) since they have no active gigs and don’t seem to have delivered anything.

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