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InkyFresh Branding & Design Services - Going beyond is what i do with pleasure!

Hey everyone if you want my cat put your hands up…now look down in deceit because i won’t give him away. sorry.!

On to business now that we had a little smile.

Want great service? Want bad-ass service? want awesome service? Any name you want to give the service you want i’ll give it and at no extra costs.

I do Branding,Designing and General Photoshop work.

I’m fairly new so my feedback’s are not in the thousands but there meaningful ones.just go see at

  • One of my popular gigs is the one where i will take your design and make it Print ready for Vistaprint or any other print company. Have a design you don’t want to micro adjust for an hour until it fits properly, simply bring it to me i’ll put it on a perfect template and all you’ll have to do is upload and checkout. Adjustments FREE GUARANTEED!!

    Simply go here:

  • Another Popular gig is my general Photoshop work. This can vary from mock ups,re-sizing,background removal to pretty much anything else you can do on Photoshop.

    Check that out at:

  • I also do business cards which is catching on has well. Nice modern cards or retro, vintage style cards which ever style you like i will do. Tell me your ideas and we’ll do magic together.(2 sided cards)

    Check it out at:

    Those are my 3 most popular gigs available but i have others that consist in making your text awesome with cool fonts or editing it in cool ways, putting your design on any clothing templates Print Ready and much more.(some clients that come for clothing will order my other print ready gig to do multiple gigs into 1.)

    All my gigs come with unlimited revisions and awesome service. Most of the times i trow in freebies as well if your nice. :wink:

    Order my gigs in full confidence.

    The way i work in simple details:

    1: we discuss about your needs.(no time limits. one client took 3 days and we did a super design because of it.)

    2: We’ll do a quick test to make sure i can do it before ordering the gig.I think this step is very important to determine if i can really do it or not. If i can’t or if i’m issues along the way you will be notified before ordering in the case where i can’t do it or immediately if im having issues. I’m fully honest with my clients and unlike many sellers I Cannot Do Everything but im whiling to learn and try if you let me.(I’ve had clients who ordered even tough i said i couldn’t do it and they told me to go on YouTube to figure it out if i had to because they rather deal with me.Goes to show my service is great and im proud about it.)

    Clients happiness comes way before a quick buck.

    With that said come send me a message and we’ll go from there. I also put custom offers for clients, its more simple sometimes then ordering multiple gigs. (profile) – (recent work portfolio) –