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Innocence or arrogance?

This isn’t the first time some one, from a country half across the globe, expects me to call them to discuss a project they might give to me, only if I’m qualified.

Needless to say it’s against Fiverr rules to have any outside contacting, but it always leaves me wondering if the well-known fact that freelancers come from all over the world isn’t a well-known fact at all?

The only problem I see is that exchanging details is not allowed. There are many ways to call free internationally, be it voip, whatsapp and so on. The real issue is simply that it is against the TOS :slight_smile:

I have never use those, but I thought the two people must use the same program/app for this to work?

They should be specific like “My number…, I’m on whatsapp and viber.”

It seems to me they think there’s only one country in the world.

Is there any free program that allow you to just call to anyone, anywhere?