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Innocent Cancellation question

I have a buyer who wants to cancel, because he changed his mind about wanting my service. He placed the order right as I was going to bed, I responded to ask if he had any instructions, and when I woke up he said,

“My bad if you started working already, I got a synth player to play and he added some slide guitar too”

If I accept the cancellation, will this hurt my visibility/stats etc?

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Contact CS. They’ll get it sorted

The same thing happened to me just 3 weeks ago. A buyer begged me to take his order, as he needed my service on urgent basis. He didn’t want to pay for Extra Fast Delivery either. The project wasn’t big so I took it on. After an hour, I delivered what the client asked for. After delivering, the client said he has changed his mind.

The best course of action, in your case, would be to contact Customer Support. Take a screenshot of where the buyer said that he changed his mind. If you accept to cancel the order, this will affect your completion rate as well as your overall ranking. Do not do it. But if you’re okay with the order being cancelled, ask the customer support to do it for you, as that won’t affect your overall completion rate.

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Yes, it will hurt your stats
Because the order gets cancelled irrespective of the fact that the cancellation was initiated from the buyer side.
The best of course of action in such a situation, as others recommended as well, would be to contact Customer Support and explain them about your problem
Most probably they’ll be able to find a solution to this.

Oder cancellation is do effect , but getting a bad review from a buyer do a lot of harm to your account. Let me explain ; If you accept the cancellation request your gig may affect with 10% harm but if you get a bad review from this buyer then it will affect your gig 100% . So the choice is yours !!!