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Input is not being saved

i was editing my profile description and adding languages.after i was done,i saved.but later found that my profile has no description and languages!
all the things i wrote in description are gone white…just like i didn’t even add anything to description.

anyone faced the same situation?
why is this happening and WHAT IS THE SOLUTION??

I’m having the same problem.

Hi there,

I am having the same problem with my profile. I can’t add my languages, and I also can’t edit/update my profile description - whenever I click ‘update’ it just goes back to what was there before. I have however been able to add my skills and education with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a solution?

I am having the same problem! Any solution so far?


Actually the main issue is with the browser. try resetting your browser ( delete cookies, histories etc). and login agian.

the issue should be solved, that worked for me.