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Input Please - Is my pricing unclear?


I keep getting messages in regards to this blog/article writing gig asking why I will not write a 1000 word post for $5. I have tried explaining that my base price is $5 for 200 words, and they can calculate their specific price on the gig by entering their word count. I am ending up with angry messages saying I am misleading them. Can I get some advice on what to do here?

  • Thank you.


Your pricing is clear to me. Your low priced gig might be drawing bargain hunters who want to see what they can get. Since you have some reviews you might consider either raising your price outright (i.e. $10 for 200 or 250 words) or doing a substitution like $10 for 500 words. Either way, having a basic price of $10 sometimes cuts down on bargain hunters.

Note: I don’t always advise this to sellers with no reviews, sellers with partly 3-4 star reviews or sellers who are struggling with poor gig descriptions. If a seller has reviews and has a fairly polished gig, though, a small price raise is often in order.