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Inquiry about level 2

Hello Everyone,

I’m a bit confused about level 2 badge. Some people says that you have to complete 50 orders in two consecutive months to get this badge and some says that there is no exact time frame for this. Even my friends have done 50 orders in 3 months and got level 2. I’m near to it. I have completed 46 and today is the last day of 2nd month. I’m worried if it will start the counter again, by tomorrow?

The countdown will actually not start from 0… Whenever you will complete 50 orders in 60 days you will get level 2…

Thanks for reply. What about my friend who has completed 50 orders in 90 days and got level 2 :open_mouth: Any comments?

He might completed the last 50 orders in last 60 days…

One thing more, we can’t see the orders of other sellers which have been not rated by buyers… so he might not got any reviews that why you might me be thinking that…

Nope. I have seen his analytics. When she has completed 10 in 30 days, got the level 1, just like me. But she has 40 orders completed in the next 3 months. It was 50 as total.
Hope this makes sense.

Congrats on nearly reaching lvl 2…
Keep up the good work!

i got level 2 after 1 month from level 1

At last I have achieved it. I’m so excited. Thanks all of you :slight_smile:

I think that “level 1 badge” is in love with me. Its still sticked up with my picture on forum ;))

It’s based on a 60 day period so if if you had a total of 63 orders within 90 days, as long as 50 of those orders fall within A 60 day period, you will achieve level 2 seller status. Hope this brings some clarity to your question.

I got my level 2 badge when i made 50 orders. If you made 70 sales in 1 month of joining fiverr you won’t get level 2 until 60 days. However, if you made 70 sales after in any month after you have joined for 2 months you will get the badge. This is what i know.

I have got this level 2 badge. It shows in my profile. But it still shows level 1 badge on forum. That’s why I’m estimating that this badge is in love with me. lol :-*

Keep up the good work!

Reply to @mariarajput786: When did he get level 2? I got mine around 8 months ago, give or take. At that time it could be anytime after 60 days. I can’t confirm it 100% but lately the posts I’ve seen all say that it does now take 50 sales within a 60 day period. The levels page also says “consecutive.” You may end up finding out and confirming it one way or the other.

Reply to @syedsimanta03: Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Reply to @mariarajput786: That is actually very normal. It can take a few days to get your level, but getting the badge to show on the forum sometimes takes much longer. For me it was over 2 weeks. Yours may be even more variable since Fiverr has been working on forum updates as well, so I can’t even begin to guess. Or, yes, the level 1 badge could be in love with you.