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Inquiry About Rating

Hi there,
This is Z M Touki Yeasir. I am a cyber security expert and also a web developer.
Yesterday one buyer make an order about Wordpress Malware remove.I have remove his site malware.But his site not accept google ads.I told him google take time Because its a long process.But I have removed All Malware file from his wordpress site and secure that.Then he left me 4* and block me on inbox.Now my Rating is 4.9. How many 5* make 4.9 to 5?
This is my Gig link

Thank You


You are making a series of statements and not asking a question.

What are you wanting to achieve from this post?

Your seller left a review based on an honestly held point of view.

Four stars is not bad - it’s 80 percent.

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I think that you can’t do anything with the rating that buyer set, because according to the customer, your service is worth 4 stars. I think you can improve the quality in future orders and raise the rating.

Good Luck.

I just want to know how many 5* make me 4.9 to 5* again dear

I just want to know how many 5* make me 4.9 to 5* again dear

It’s easy. you can do it by yourself if you know basic math. There are tons of tutorials about mathematics on YouTube.
Search " average " term . You can calculate by yourself.

Thanks dude <3 <3 <3

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