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Insane Buyer Requests Thread

I tried looking for a thread which focuses solely on insane / funny / weird buyer requests and nothing seems to fit the description so I thought I’d start one.

First up:

Buyer that wants an online banking website for the extremely attractive remuneration of … $50 (ba-dum-tissss)

I’m not sure which is more insane: The buyer’s request, or the 22 sellers which have applied for the job.


You better accept it, once in a lifetime opportunity.

The buyer request section is hilarious. It should be rename with ‘I want stuff for free’. It was okay when Fiverr focused on the $5 price, but know, it doesn’t work.


You better accept it, once in a lifetime opportunity.

ikr … I mean for that kind of money who cares about the legality of setting up an online bank for someone you just met over the internet

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That should be reported to Trust and Safety and the user who posted that should be banned.


Reporting would involve initiating contact with this person.
I’ll stay as far away as possible from this lol

I really only look at Buyers Requests like an Elephants Graveyard of appalling business ideas.

The prices people are willing to pay and many order requirements are simply beyond any reasonable person’s comprehension.

It’s really just silly.

"I stick to budget?" - Yeah, and I bet your website is a car crash because of that.

There should really be a Buyer Requests Hall of Shame for these people.


There should really be a Buyer Requests Hall of Shame for these people

This is the primary objective of this thread. :grin:

Maybe if us sellers start calling out insane / unreasonable buyer behaviour, things might improve? :pray:

And maybe tomorrow, I’ll lay a Dodo egg.

These people can’t be reasoned with. The kindest thing to do would be to lure them all onto $5 cruise and set the ship auto pilot to the Bermuda Triangle.


ThaT Ssould be reported

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haha that 22 sellers seriously for $50? :clown_face:

Right now it’s at 27 applicants :rofl:

the competition these days on fiverr :sweat:

This should be reported it seems like a fraud. Buyer is asking for sensitive information about bank account. it should be reported

That insane Buyer should be reported , and kicked out from Fiverr. :mask:

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I’m of the opinion that for every insane buyer that shows up round these parts and gets kicked out, there are probably 10 more that fly under the radar.

I think 7/10 buyers that contact me ask me for my email address.
When I respond and tell 'em saying it’s against TOS my message gets flagged for review for 24 hours and I can’t politely tell the person to f*** off.

Wild, wild west out here.

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Banning psychopaths won’t work either anybody can google how to use a VPN or proxy and sign up for a new account to continue their reign of terror on this platform.