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Insane Modification Requests

I just got this.


"I could not tell you if it good or not until people call or at least click LIKE and leave a comment.

Could you post this anywhere and get comments to your own work? I will do the same.
If results are good, then we don’t have to do revision.

If results are so, so… then you will do revision.

Send it to your own blog or list of people or any place where you can get a comment."


I didn’t even ask for a review, just to let me know if any modifications were needed I was here. Now I have to think of some way to get her off my back. Mainly involving “I do not offer these services at this moment”.

I think you should find the creepiest gig out there (like a naked 110 year old man doing a sexy dance) and buy it. Send the video to your buyer as a gift. It would be worth $5 just to skeeve them out.

Hehe, admin has been asterisked. The word was n a k e d.

It couldn’t top how skeeved out I feel after reading what emmaki’s buyer said.

I just said no and redelivered, pointing out this isn’t a service I offer. I’m awaiting a spam mod request or an unfair review now!

What made this request even more insane was the buyer has started their own birth chart method that relies on an ancient Tibetan knowledge of 22 spirits to tell you how you can live your true life. It’s definitely not a form of astrology and it’s definitely not so obscure that the only reference to it is them, nor is that simply because they named this method after themselves then tried to pass it off as Greek (those famous arcane Tibetans…).

I should have seen this insane mod coming, really.

Forgot to mention last night, surely other people must have had weird mod requests from interesting buyers?

@emmaki It’s obvious they opt in for some free exposure.

I recently had a buyer asking for a revision upon me sending their reading. It seems the reading contained some not-so-positive predictions for them (which they admitted in the modification request that they were aware of, short of expecting them) so they decided to ask me cast a spell to reverse the effects of the prediction.

I don’t offer spell casting services, I respect sellers who do but it is beyond my experience. So, I redelivered, suggesting a fellow fiverr top rated caster who - judging from her feedback - delivers results. They again rejected, saying I said I could help them (my gig description said " I can help you with my insight" or something similar) and they wouldn’t be stisfied if I didn’t abide by their new request.

Afraid that this would hurt my ratings I contacted CS and had the order canceled…

I don’t offer free exposure, though. I write, they publish. I offer revision on the copy but that’s about it. If they want help with exposure, they should seek a service that offers that. Same with my Press Releases. I write them, but it’s ultimately someone else’s job to distribute them.

You were probably right to cancel that order, your buyer was being unreasonable despite your patient explanation and refusing to do a service that you don’t offer. However, you had delivered what you said you would, so I’m pretty sure that a bad review could have been removed if it was unfair–but I always say you should trust your own judgment!

All this buyer had to do was mention it in the brief and I could have canceled it then. But no, it came out of the blue. As do so many Fiverr issues :smiley: I am not a psychic… I’m just a hack!

Soon after getting $5 order I get messages: “I’m waiting” “where my order” “give me free $25 extra I come back with many orders” “I need it faster” “you there?”

You should be like this is an automated answering service. Your party cannot be reached, please don’t try again. Beep!

I had a good one in my inbox the other day. They wanted 3 product descriptions. I said $75 (3x 250 words) and they shot back with, no, it’s $30, because you offer 100 words for $5, so 200 words is etc."

I told them they were welcome to look elsewhere, 'cos that was my price and that the gig extras were there for a reason.

Some people…

Wut? Huh? Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!? WAAAAAT? Yikes.

But… I supposed you didn’t get paid then? Don’t get me wrong, I can see your point when it comes to the rating. I was just hoping there is a way to solve such disputes without risking a bad rating or not getting paid. (I mean, if you messed up, sure. But if the work was good and the seller disagrees it should be checked by a third party)

Correct, I wasn’t paid. But I just got my Level1 badge a couple of days back. Which means I am not established yet and I don’t have a “standard” clientele that will disregard any insane/unfair/defamating review and keep ordering from me.

I don’t get you wrong at all, your opinion is the same as mine. There should be a “method” by which Fiverr can verify whether a customer is being unfair to their reviews/modification requests etc, so that sellers are “safe” when it comes to being paid once they deliver what was agreed upon and be certain that their online business attempts won’t be ruined after such sad occurences.But what a seller can do when CS advises that “you need to work this out with the buyer?”

For sure, buyers “bring in” the $$$$ but no marketplace can exist if there’s nothing to be sold, so sellers is a crucial part of each transaction.This is to my mind what Fiverr should start be oriented towards :confused:

What has happened with the transaction you described on top @emmaki? Did they agree to just stick with the deliverables?

This made me chuckle.

I redelivered saying I didn’t offer this as a service but was happy to modify any of the current copy as-is. No response.

A win, I suppose. I expect a horrible review after one month :wink:

I see… fingers crossed they won’t :slight_smile:

Some people just expect too much for $5. I had to do a $65 order once which I worked on for 6 hours and when I delivered the buyer asked me to redo the entire thing. I said no and cancelled the order. Luckily no negative review. But it was also a huge waste of my time. And $65 for 6 hours… with a massive revision…