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Insane Thing happened with my account! Please Check this

Hi Friends,

What happened today was just insane? You want to know what happened? HERE IT IS:

I was having a moderately good sales till an unfortunate day came and I got no orders. But this not a thing I consider abnormal. What I consider abnormal is that all my gig impressions including my best seller which was getting 50+ views each day decreased to ZERO. When I saw all of my gig impressions, all were zero. And this can not be an incident. This is purely insane and abnormal. I got no message till that time and I suspect, my gigs are not there anymore but they are showing on my profile. If it is done by fiverr, they must have informed me at least of my mistake. All of my gigs have no views now. I am totally freaked. What has happened? Will this be solved?? One more thing, BEFORE THAT DAY, Ihad updated my gig extras a little and maybe increased my gig delivery time a little and made paused some of my gigs which were useless for me.

please give your reviews and tell me if that happened to you as well??

Not insane, stop clickbaiting to get profile views and just relax.

Excuse me?? Please if you can not help me, do not bother commenting here just to mark your importance

Most likely just a display glitch with the stats as your gigs are still there and your main gig ranks high in search.

This has happened to most of us, usually after an update and the main site did get an update yesterday.

I know you don’t like it (as I’ve seen from the past) when people reply to your posts in a way you don’t agree with. It is an open forum, so if you keep trying to push people into responding the way you prefer, there is no point in writing.

Anyway, it is not unusual for stats to reset suddenly. Recently there have been outage on Fiverr which can cause resets, but there are also times that all of them re-start and it isn’t a cause for alarm. Pay less attention to stats and more to current sales. It’s no big deal, and that is help, so please don’t command me or anyone else on how to respond to you.

Can you just see other side of the coin? A person just commenting on my post trying to say that I am just writing on forum to get profile views? How do you feel? When I say that you are doing the job of moderator just to enhance your profile views and just want more sales. I posted to solve my problem not to get blamed by unknown people. If I do not know anything, I would prefer not to comment.

Okay thanks guys for your valuable advice…

Reading the forum threads, I think there was a big system update around the end of sept and there have been some glitches since, which Fiverr are sorting out. I had the erratic drops in response rate % issue, (without getting emails). I had all my messages disappearing issue, and similar to yours, gig stats at ‘0’.

Fiverr is correcting these, and CS will get back to you, if you contact them.

Have you experienced a sudden drop of in sales?

All the sellers have days when they don’t sell nothing or a period when don’t get many orders. If you don’t any order in a week well than you can freak out :))

Hi dear, There are a lot of known issues these days. I deal hundreds of people in inbox. Yesterday I have logged in my account and gone into inbox. Guess what? There was not even a single message. It was EMTPY. I felt like somebody hacked my account and deleted my messages. I moved to the first page of fiverr. Each gig on that page had a banner with them which said “Based on your orders” even I haven’t purchased them so far. I quickly gone in Revenues to see if things are changed their too (by hacker). All my revenue was safe and untouched. I’ve informed CS about it and I suggest you to do this.

To answer your question, I might not like what they said and would answer them accordingly. Understanding how forums work, though, I wouldn’t tell people not to post. If they love to fight, they’ll just keep going. If I think they are trolling I try not to reply at all, but that’s not easy, :wink:

okay Let people fight. Lol

YES, MY sales are also dropping

Hello Dear! I have faced the same issue. Another problem is that decreasing IMP, View, Click, Please suggest what can i do.
Thank you.

It happens sometime.
Recently my dashboard had the issue of showing usernames of the clients i never heard from, Opening the order showed correct usernames.
All i did was contact CS and they mentioned that the glitch is due to a recent fiverr update, that they are well aware of the issue and working to solve it as soon as possible.
I had my dashboard refreshed and the glitch is now gone.

It is not only you. Many people are facing the same problem. Check out this post:

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Indeed, just don’t get too personal… I for one liked your horribly clickbaity title. Let’s be honest–it wasn’t really insane, but it did get people to read your complaint. And possibly order a gig, who cares :wink: