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Insert audio clip dissappeared?!

Hmmm, not sure if I’m cracking up, but the insert audio file seems to have disappeared from my gig uploads?!

It was there on all the others, any ideas?



Is it the same subcategory as the other gigs? If not, are there other gigs with that subcategory with audio files?

Ah, interesting.

So under Lifestyle - Celebrity Impersonations, you only get Video and pictures,

but under Voice over you can do 3 Audio clips. Is that correct?


That might be it I think. If it’s in that celebrity impersonators subcategory (I saw one in the voice over category).

I think in that subcat (celebrity impersonators) can have a gig video but not audio only but you can obviously put an audio as the delivery so it shows in the live gallery as an audio only delivery.

So the impersonators that have audio only instead of a gig video are probably all in the voice over subcategory.


Right. Seems a little strange. Ok Thanks!

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