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Insert the Fiverr gig on your own website - Possible?

A wonderful good morning from cold, corona-infected Austria.

Has any of you already implemented the Fiverr gig on your own website? (Wordpress)

Since I can’t stand by and watch my sales drop, I would like to attract more people to my own website with a Google AdWords campaign. Then send that from the website to Fiverr. (Easier processing on my part)

Shouldn’t be against the TOS - right?
But is it doable?

Thanks for your tips!

P.s .: sorry for the first sentence;)

Should be doable, but why do it? If you’re driving traffic to your website and getting clients interested in your services directly, there’s no reason to pay Fiverr 20%. Convert directly on the website and keep the full amount.

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Reasons why I would take this variant:

  1. No hassle with accounting. - Fiverr and Paypal.
  2. Different payment methods for customers.
  3. The guarantee of a large company.
  4. Rating System

It is meant to start. But I like to give 20% of my sales if I generate a lot more sales and of course get the above points simplified.


At Fiverr, the customer is king.
Time management.

P.s.: I sent a request to the CS.

It’s not worth it. The first point is moot - sell direct on your website and get paid via Paypal. The second point may or may not be moot, depends on what you’re willing to work with in terms of dealing with clients directly. The third and fourth points may have some merit, but they do not outweigh the drawbacks.

No need to contact CS in any case. There’s nothing against the terms of service in what you described.

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I think it’s better to ask fiverr authority directly. You will get the best answer.
Thank you.

I agree with you on your point.
Of course i need than also an automatic invoice system.

Everything is still at the beginning and under construction. However, I will most likely work through Fiverr first and when traffic from my website goes up i will switch and implement my own system.

If anyone has any tips: I’d be happy to.

I will announce the answer from the CS here.

I already told you what the answer would be. They really won’t care either way. Fiverr allows (and used to encourage) posting your gig link.

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Oh - sorry. I missed your last sentence.

Thanks a lot!

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Answer from support:

"Hi Toni,

I hope you are having a great day, my name is Carlos and I’ll be happy to help you with this.

I reviewed your case and you can promote your Gigs on your website that would be ok but using and Adwords campaign is not allowed.

I would like to suggest to promote your Gigs on social media. By clicking on Selling >> My Gigs, on the Gig you would like to promote, you will find on the right side a drop-down menu with the option “Share”.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. "