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Hi there;

I’m actually very bad at introducing myself, both online and in person. It’s a flaw I need to work on if I ever want to get anywhere.

On the surface, I’m actually you’re pretty standard cliche. Stay at home mom hoping to supplement what is currently a one-income family of four by selling my passions and talents for Freelance work. The whole story is very much a long one and pretty complicated with some events that would have someone putting my autobiography in the fiction section. I’ll skip it for now and just stick to the basics.

I’ve always loved writing ever since I was little. I was that kid who actually loved when they were assigned essays and research papers. When I went to college, I chose my major based on what would lead to a steady job over the dream career. I actually did a good bit of Freelance work then (with some dubious jobs) but it was a decade ago and I never thought to keep a portfolio of my work. A nice little chunk was protected by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) anyways when I did ghostwriting and editing.

My other passion has been designing. Blueprints, interiors, websites, graphics, even yards… Lol, I’ve been told I have a wonderful eye and mind for art, colors, layouts, visual ratios, you name it. I get these beautiful pictures in my head but my problem is that when it comes to the physical act of anything art related, I am totally horrible at it. I can barely draw a stick figure though I can make a rather cute dog using circles. Being a young kid growing up in the Dawn of the Internet age, I pretty much had to get into the nitty-gritty guts of it. Hell, if you wanted a decent webpage for all your Neopet Guides, Dollbuilding Tips, and to showcase your blinkie creations… you had to do it yourself with pure HTML. It was and is my creative outlet that I overcompensate for because of my lack of physical talent. I’m a mom, so of course, the things that bring me the most joy are moments with my kids, but after that… there is nothing like seeing your project (be it an image, website, palette, or some other thing) coming together piece by piece until it’s finished and having people tell you how great it looks. To them, they just see the finished project but you know how much work had to go in to get it just right. The thing that sucks though is that I’m on a budget laptop that doesn’t even have space or power to download any good image editing software.

Anyways, back to the standard cliche… this past birthday I hit what I called my 1/3 life crisis. I love my girls and wouldn’t change anything, but having kids, especially when they were highly unexpected for medical reasons (and birth control failures)… it really throws a wrench into your life plans. I began to realize I put so much effort into what they need and love, that I lost touch with my own. So I set out to change it.

I’m in the planning stages of creating a Personal DBA (doing business as) brand and blog that I hope to expand into a small business with other like-minded individuals. Lol, it’s a pretty ambitious goal but I really think it may take off. But to make money, you have to spend money (if you want it to be professional) so a friend of mine suggested Fiverr as a way to earn some income and build up portfolios.

So here I am.



I see you don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


May 2020 be a very wealthy new year for you and all forum members :wink: