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Inside Fiverr’s Cool Tel Aviv Headquarters


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace, that allows buyers to choose from the world’s largest catalog of pre-packaged services ranging from graphic design to music/video editing to marketing and copywriting. In January 2017, Fiverr moved into a new headquarters, located in a historic seven story building in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Very nice but man, do you guys not even have one single fiverr logo placed anywhere?! Where is the pride?



This is copied from an old post.


Well, I am happy for you guys, looks like a great workplace and is impressive overall! Your upstairs outdoor terrace is outstanding. One of these chairs, one notebook a good drink and the day goes by very quickly :slight_smile:


Ups, yup, thanks! :confused:
By now, they may even have a logo or two :slight_smile:


I was noticing that too! I asked myself why OP would do that? :thinking: