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Inside Fiverr search! Interesting & Shocking

Today I discovered what’s actually happening with Fiverr’s GIG search. It’s really shocking.
I searched for “banner” and see what I get on the very first result.

A GIG that has no relation with the term “banner”

Title of the gig I found TOP of the search list is “I Will Do Professional Instagram Marketing USA Followers” – isn’t shocking?

Later when I open that gig and see the URL, it’s “do-professional-banner-for-you

So friends now you can easily understand the fact. Seller just changed the GIG title.

Another shocking fact when I check the tags of this GIG, tags used are “instagram” “seo marketing” “followers” “usa” “permanent”

Now you can judge what’s inside Fiverr’s search engine :rofl:. Tags are just nothing.

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Have you ever read the fiverr terms?? All of this is covered. If you create a gig for the first time, a unique url is created, the url doesn’t change even if you edit the title later on. The tags are also used because if you search for “Instagram” the same gig will show up somewhere in the search results. Don’t take my word for it, if you believe tags are nothing go ahead and change them to something that has nothing to do with your gig then wait for the outcome.

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If so, why this gig came first on search when in banner while there is no “banner” used in tags?

the word banner was used in the original gig, which was “do-professional-banner-for-you”

@bigvee the tags are not visible on gigs. Where did you see tags?

Yes, I opened that gig where I found those tags.

We can see tags at the bottom of each gig (after the reviews).



I was looking at the wrong gig and was wondering where he saw those tags. This is interesting.

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I didn’t post a screenshot of the gig we are talking about. It is a sample taken at random.

This sounds like very bad design to me. The gig urls should be dynamic, not static. It makes no sense to keep the url if the gig can change completely.

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Yes I know that. I found the gig and took a look at it.

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you cannot make the gig urls dynamic. that is going to cause big problems with SEO. they have to be static

Then you shouldn’t be able to change a gig, you would have to create a new one from scratch.

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You can’t change a gig to totally different one.

For example, if you have logo design gig you can’t change it totally to content writing since both are under a different category. It is against Fiverr TOS.

PS: I read this somewhere here in the forum.

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@markp I opened that GIG where I saw those tags. But can’t share the gig link as per tos.

Fiverr again screwed the search algorithm.

no matter your performance, just a bunch of random gigs will be the top of the search.

This way fiverr will never encourage sellers to do a good work, because no matter your performance, you may be in the top of searches tomorrow, just because!

I hope they fix this soon, or the overall quality of the services delivers will drop again

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:open_mouth: I didn’t know this! Good to know!

I Actually like this algorithm. It gives new fiverrs also a chance to get customers. If new fiverrs never got a chance then in a while they won’t come anymore. The new fiverr’s keep the ‘old ones’ on their toes and they are pushing the envelope.

Can you please explain what you meant by that? I’m having a hard time understanding it :thinking:

I mean nothing bad with it, and I don’t want to offend anyone!

I mean that sometimes the newbies bring something new to table what would ensure the oldies to keep up to date. Also there is nothing wrong with a litlle competetion. It will only asure the best will rise (newbies or oldies) :wink::wink:

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