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Inside Fiverr search! Interesting & Shocking

Totally agree!! It’s not good for sellers, nor buyers

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How about customer satisfaction? :wink:

Speaking for myself only:

When I’m thrilled at the exceptional delivery, I write great review - high marks on private feedback - might even give gratuity and mostly, keep coming back for more.

Isn’t there a saying that says it’s easier & cheaper to keep a client than to look for one?


that’s why existe recommended/relevance option on searches, and also new buyers option too.

The only place where shows the best performance gig (avg customer reviews) is being used to give a chance too.

Fiverr is a working place, it’s not place to give chances, but to work. I reached a good place by working hard here, and I never had a chance. I got im gig in the top of the pages by working hard.

The ‘old ones’ are those who made fiverr what it is today.

It took me 3 years of great deliveries and reviews to get a good place at fiverr, and now it’s just thrown away to give chance to any seller, including bad sellers too.

Nothing was “thrown away”. Fiverr is changing, as any good business does. You need to assess your services, and figure out how to change along with it. No one is entitled to anything, just because they’ve been selling on Fiverr for three years.

You said it yourself:

So, keep working hard, and keep finding ways to keep up with the changes Fiverr makes. :wink:

doing a good work will result in customer satisfaction :wink:

I mean that this method fiver is using, wont encourage the competition, which dont encourage to deliver a good work. WHY? because delivering a good or a poor work it wont matter, “I can be on top no matter the service I deliver”.

Competition results in better customer satisfaction, because the seller will do their best to keep on top and get better reviews.

I never said that :slight_smile: You need to understand that what I mean is that a lot of buyer want chances to go to top and sell more, that’s why there are recommended and relevance tab. Avg customer reviews tab should be for Avg customer reviews gig, or not?

I’m a graduated business administrator, I have a good knowledge of the basics that a company needs. I appreciate for the good future of fiverr. and these changes will make fiverr become an average quality company, because there are no competition to get on the top, it could be a good seller or a bad seller.

Competition will ALWAYS bring better results for the buyers, mainly in quality when the prices are all the “same”. So fiverr not becoming an average quality marketplace isnt good only for me, it’s good for every buyer and seller.

If fiverr is doing well, I’m doing well too. The impact of doing bad decisions reflects not only at me, but at every seller in a long term here at fiverr.

the oldies are on top not because the time but because the good work they do.

The raking is (or at least was) based in the last 60 days of performance. It doesnt matter if you are old or new, the rank in the search should be based the same in the rank of the categories placement.

I see a lot of new buyers going to the top because their good work, and not because they received a chance.

Doing a good work should place you in the top, not a random/rotation result.

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Fiverr is buyer oriented marketplace as per my experience. But a marketplace always should provide equal value to both. For an example, sellers never able to see buyer stats like other freelancer marketplaces, for example

  1. Sellers review on buyer profile
  2. Buyer reputation
  3. Buyer’s cancellation ratio
  4. Number of orders placed
  5. and so on …

Almost all other marketplaces I know provide such information available for sellers.

Not all buyers would agree to have such information publicly displayed, as it may pose a privacy issue for some of them.

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:wink:I get that aswell!

A little story: I’m working on Fiverr since 2013 as you can see from my profile over all 5-star rating and completed over 2000 orders. Couple of months ago I got an order and delivered well before the schedule time. As per Fiverr rule it was automatically marked as completed after 3 days. On the 5th day that buyer came via Fiverr message and told me …

“hi, sorry i had some family emergency and i only got the chance to check the work now. yes, it looks fine but it coould be better if u could add facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons.”

I just told that buyer it’s ok and I’ll do the changes you need. It was a $5 order friends, and the buyer’s location is just reverse to mine. On the very next day when I back to work I was shocked to see that the buyer left 1 star review saying …

“terrible communication and very slow. work could have been better.”

Immediately I reported the same with full conversation to Fiverr’s so called customer care but they are just blind to hear anything. This is how Fiverr treat with sellers.

No offence please, I’m just sharing one of my experience.

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I once got an order from a customer. After delivering the order she wanted a revision, so I adjusted it and deliverd again. Later she wanted another revision. (Wich was also a bit out of the scope)
She felt like I didn’t responded fast enough so she bought anouther gig, in the hope I would answer faster?! Mind you: she wanted me to cancel the new order immidiatly.

When I responded after a few hours, and did the revision and canceld the new order. You can imagen I was very angry, but still I was very polite etc. In the end she left a bad review aswell…

After contacting Fiverr, they would remove the ‘fake’ order completly. But they wouldn’t do anything about the review.

So yes, buyers are more protected then sellers.

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I agree tags don’t matter.

But I think you found something very interesting and that is the importance of the URL.