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Inspiration For NEW Freelance Sellers on FIVERR

Hello Everyone,

Being a seller on fiverr having worked with an overall amazing experience so far, I’d like to provide some guidance to the new sellers who are plaining to join the platform as a seller OR have already joined and need some help with their way through the process

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, I’d be happy to answer and would love to provide the true and the BEST advise I can give you being a Seller on Fiverr

Because I believe that everybody with proper skill has the right to earn what they truly deserve and also that this is a great platform if you’re just starting out and want to be your own boss

Again, feel free to inbox me any questions that you may have and I’ll be very happy to give you my suggestions and advise


where do I find the url for my fiverr gig ? the gig is active but when i do an exact search , no results come back.

check your search filters, you might be using wrong filters and then searching for the gig
Let me know if this helps

thanks for the appreciation - this article is all about helping the new sellers with any questions or procedures

Getting your first order may require a bit more patience but don’t worry as you’ll get it soon - after checking your gig (the link you shared for above), I’d say you might want to include some more details BUT make it look as simple as possible - also consider renaming your packages accordingly

here is the link to my profile: