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How do you get yours to continue working all these hours on Fiverr?

Not gonna lie, it’s a little bit about the money. It’s mostly that I love running my own business and having a flexible schedule, but this is also my full-time, life-sustaining job. So…there’s a bit of an impetus there.

Reply to @emasonwrites:

The dream of making this a full-time job. Pretty much.

I love what I do, and I’ll do what it takes to reach as many people as I can doing what I love. <3

I do it because I love shopping and I have three kids to take care of. I need money coming in from various avenues so it never dries up. My inspiration is knowing that I will have money coming each week.

Habit. At only $4 per order, you need to fulfil a few in order to build up the cash.

When I log into Fiverr I’m fully prepared to work on at least 10 gigs. Any less would probably feel like a day off. :slight_smile:

the fact I really love writing… After all, I went to journalism school to become a reporter. Since I’m no longer a reporter - for now - writing freelance is so cool and keeps me on top of the changes in the field.

I’ve been asked by a professor of mine to come speak to her class about how I managed to use my journalism degree for something other than reporting.

I like the work experience and feel it will help me to be a better business owner when I re-launch my business website and come at it with a lot more experience of dealing with a multitude of clients. I also feel good being able to offer my services at a much lower rate than any SEO company ever would.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: That’s awesome! When I was studying English, everyone told me the only way I’d make a living was through writing a smash novel right off the bat (yeah, right), or becoming a professor. For me, this is much more fun and flexible!

Some interesting answers!

That little bits of money that add up in the Revenue Box have saved me from not being able to feed my child more than once, so … here I am, plugging away. :smiley: I’m grateful to Fiverr for getting me through some lean times. (Also, I have a unique service here – I’m one of the very first crafters ever on the site and I’m proud of my longtime membership here.)

The love for what I do. That’s my only inspiration.

Video creation gets my creativity flowing - and instead of stressing me out like a regular job, it actually helps me relax… What more inspiration could I want? :slight_smile:

I absolutely love “playing with words,” as I call my proofreading and copyediting service, so that helps. I also love the huge variety of people I work for, and the writing they send me. It’s almost all so interesting, with only a few total duds once in a while. I love seeing what other people have to say, their voice coming out in writing, etc. And I’m a huge lifelong learner so I love taking in all kinds of new information too. That said, I think the “gamification” aspects of fiverr are also hugely motivating:

–getting 5-star ratings and all those kind, appreciative words every day

–striving for “levels” and good analytics and “world domination” is surprisingly motivating

–and then there’s that continuously upticking balance in my “revenues” account; that is, of course, why I’m really doing it all. I’m paying off professional training debt. (And in the meantime, finding the work I truly love–working with writers!)

Reply to @emasonwrites and @emeraldawnn: isn’t it amazing what we can do with our English degrees now? Not only do I get to do my own writing and helping others with theirs through this site, I get to learn about ALL the different types of writing out there and how people are making good money writing and publishing ebooks, fan fiction, blogs, etc. The internet has made writing and editing a HUGE commodity, and that’s a good thing!

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Reply to @freelancemm: This is so true for me, too. I originally joined fiverr to get some experience and build a portfolio of work. Now I realize I don’t need to move off fiverr any time soon because it’s giving me way more business than I ever imagined, but some day I likely will and this is great experience to work off of.

Reply to @writerlisaz: It really is very cool. I actually had a professor (not in my major, obviously) tell me that a degree in creative writing was “useless” because “no one really does that for a living.” I laughed then and I would laugh hysterically now. I’d bet there are more people writing for a living than ever before and the demand will only become greater as ecommerce continues to grow.

Money and nothing else.

Lol nice. Nice and straight forward that!