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Inspired by me my sister created a account

Hi Community,

Hope you are well and doing well. Inspired by me my sister created a Fiverr account the account name is “*********”. She sell SMM, SEO, Virtual account. And I sell Lead generation, Web research and Data entry service.

  1. We are using same network.
  2. We are using different pc and phone.
  3. In future we can’t sell any service to each other and can’t use same payment service. We do not do it in future.

In this case can we face any problem? ​If so, We can come up with a solution in advance. Or I think you will find a solution for us. Looking forward to your next massage.

And I have a question. I am interested to know the answer.
My brother or sister can learn the same thing from me that I do. And he wants to do the same thing as me by opening an account.

And my friend and I study from the same Hostel, And we have to use the same net and sell same service. Then how does Fiverr look at it?

Have a great day, Thank you.
Best regards,
Nirob Sohel

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First of all, contact the Fiverr support team before you create an account. They might help you with this, but I’m not 100% sure. I remember you cannot offer the same category services in the two accounts

Try to search forums. You can find threads related to this.

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  1. You can not sell the same or similar services on Fiverr if you are on the same internet.

You have to get each own internet.

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