Inspiring Music Artists This one is for you!


Hi everyone.

This is not my gig, just wanted to make this clear. But I felt the need to mention it as it is a really awesome gig. I have just been reading some of the interview that have been placed on the site from this gig. The artists that have been interviewed are sooo cool! Such a waste to keep my mouth shut about it. The questions and answers through-out the interview are really good! Im so impressed.

You can see the gig here -

If you want to see the interviews in action to see what your $5 is being spent on, then check out the other interviews here - (this is not my site)

What a great gig! Well done @musicinterviews I like your gig! I hope fiverr ends up make this a featured one as your quality is of such a high standard. And it is well worth a least a ‘collect’ for keep safes when needed :slight_smile:

I believe credit should be given where credit is most certainly due!




I like this, I might order this. :wink:


I know right, I did order this in the begining I think I was the first, I ordered it for a client. But I thought to check back and see what else was being done, I was just amazed but the other artists, their music, thier professional images, the way that is all laid out, and I found the content (answers) really interesting to read by the artists, its seems “Jay” has put a lot of thought in the questions and what the right things to ask are, as you can read that so much information is put across. Its great!

And for 5 bucks! even better ;))


Reply to @auws: Ikr. I was impressed as well. It mighr be something cool to add to my press kit. :slight_smile:


Cool, well when you do let me know when its up on the site, I would like to read about you.


Okay, it’ll probably be later in the summer though; I need to finish some new songs first. :slight_smile:


Not bad, i went to the page to take a closer look. The Questions are always the same, so once you have read one, you know what to expect, at least 1 of the 5 Qs should be personal about the Artist, not too generalized as it is now, cos generalization leads to less visitors engagement, but this just a matter of test.

Most important is that i checked this page traffic and rank using, very low.

Globally it is ranked 4,068,228 that means not much traffic,( the site has no regional ranking ) so cant be serious. If the owner wants to be serious he should claim the site for free at and thus improve his SEO.

The search box crawler is not getting any information about music or interview from this page, so how do people know / find that the page and know there are artist interviews there. This is because the meta tags are not correctly defined.

These are the top queries from search engines to the site and the %

1 watch jimmy carr laughter therapy online 29.53%

2 post code hurlingham 8.35%

3 charborough family fireworks 6.72%

4 scaresville discount code 6.72%

5 southend festive craft & gift show 5.09%

6 lights go on in newport 4.66%

7 gwyl y felinheli 2013 2.83%

8 herne bay christmas lights 2.57%

9 charborough road primary school fireworks 2.56%

10 pantomime people’s theatre newcastle 2.04%

Nothing about music, nothing about artists or interviews and lastly there is no user review about the site. It has 34 level reputation which is just acceptable but not good.

Summary: I included a screen-shot of the Alexa ranking. If this guy is serious, he should redefine his meta description, improve his SEO and drive more traffic to the site otherwise those artist who paid 5Bucks could as well throw it into a wishing well. I am an artist and i run a hip hop network. The idea is good, but the execution is damn poor.


@stygoalphamatt Looks like you did some great research there, well done. I guess if “Jay” is to read this post then He will take all that you said under advisement.

For me personally, I found the answers to the questions very interesting by reading about these music artists in any case.

When it comes to websites as you are most likely well aware, that a site needs to start somewhere, lets face it, all sites pretty much start at the bottom and work their way up, and a good way to start is by adding content to it! My guess this is where its at… (huh, bit of a pung there! lol)

I would also guess the artist category is only new, so maybe its just not being picked up just yet. Maybe in time it will be. You have to crawl before you walk. But it looks like he is giving it ago.

I agree about the questions, from what I have been reading it looks like he is improving little by little. Like I mentioned I found the information within the questions interesting…

If I had a site that was getting thousands or millions of hits, in all honesty, I wouldnt be offering people to have their profiles on my site for a one off of $5. Maybe “Jay” would, I dont know. But I guess as his site grows, and that it is only $5, its cheap advertising for a one off! And it all helps, with the links within and the content as it is all related to the site. Every bit helps.

In anycase, I wish him all the best in making his site a success, and for those who have joined in the ride then it will be good for them in the long run as well… If and when it happens for him!


Hi stygoalphamatt,

Thanks for your feedback about my site.

I want to provide the best Gig for people who want an interview on my site. I will focus on the things you have mentioned.


I partly agree, 5bucks is just peanuts but a lot to some people depending on which country you live. Like i said the idea is good but it’s like ripping off when you collect 5$ and no meta description about music, artists, interviews. You should at least know that people are relying on you. I could forgive him every other mistake, but no meta description is too bad, but anyhow, we all start somewhere like you said and i just took a look at his "home " and he has just 44 likes, so i had to know when the site was created. I went through alexa and found out that he is using same server provider like my network ( ) i checked his whois and got his starting date and his Infos. He is based in the UK, or at least the person who registered the domain gave UK as address. i have his contact and phone, I really hope he improves. If you know him tell him to pm me here on Fiverr so i could help him, i will do it for free because i like his idea.

At least i gave him one more like thus increasing to 45.



@stygoalphamatt Thats really nice of you to offer your assistance. Your right $5 is a lot to some in other countries.

Looks like “Jay” (musicinterviews) has seen this post above. So thats good. :slight_smile:

My advise to Jay would be take on any advice and embrace it as all the good advice and help can really improve things for your site. :wink:


Hi stygoalphamatt,

I tired to pm you but it is disabled are you able to contact me first and I will reply.