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Ins't it fun when the buyer forgets to mention the most important part about a order

A buyer bought a piano recording gig and asked me to arrange a song for the piano.

I did that.

Now he says It was supposed to be a jazz arrangement and that it was not supposed to have the vocals. Oh, and by the way, transcribe the bass, even though you did state it was a different gig.

WAT? I’m a classical pianist, I barely know how to play a bebop scale with swing rhythm…


Wow. That one worthy for posting in this conversation: Weirdest Requests During the Pandemic


Oh man ! :joy: That’s really funny !

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Under the gig requirements there is a line in small grey letters that buyer agreed and confirmed that all requirements that he submitted are correct and that he acknowledges that any extra work will need to be agreed with you and might be an extra charge.

So you can send them a screenshot of that.


Thank for the tip! I would press it, but I don`t want to risk a bad review because of just 30 dollars. I literally have much bigger and important orders to care about.

Hahaha, that’s weird. Well you can avoid this by adding further questions in the requirements.

Maybe adding a few dropdowns in requirements section of gig will help buyer understand what he is exactly ordering. Ask as much as you can in requirements section.

Good luck mate!

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Its a great Idea…

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