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Instagram buyers beware, a Scam is being played


As I recently got scammed buying 4000 instagram followers from a seller called ******* or ******* from ******** and I really would like to get instagram followers, I was checking out new offers but noticed that the top 2 guys on the search list have exactly the same review charateristics yet a different user name and service. One of this fake guys is ******** whose most recent “delivery” was around 2 hours ago to a guy called ******* with a cool “trustworthy” review. Now what is interesting is that the other fake guy which is called ********** also has the same recent “delivery” and “review” by the same seo guy!!
What I learned from being scammed recently is that this people create many accounts with different yet very similar services to get the most out of people with their “outstanding services” and fake reviews.(Notice both accounts were recently created)
With this message I wanted to share some hard gained lessons I learned for you guys to beware and for Fiverr to up their game on security cause I already asked for a refund yet I don’t hear anything from them ever since.