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Instagram management niche may be having some problems

hello, something must be wrong in instagram management niche. I noticed whenever I edit my instagram management gig I won’t find it on the search page again it has been edited one week now and also two of my friend created instagram management gig it shows active but do not have any impression, which means we couldn’t find it on the search page. I will be glad if someone can help me out so that I can make sales again

Contact CS. This has happened before.
I lost mine for 4 days a while back and CS recovered it (no explanation was given so don’t know the reason)

you mean my friends should contact CS too?

You promise likes, comments and followers in your gig, and it can be taken as if you’re selling likes, comments and followers, which is forbidden.

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I don’t promise that

Your gig title says ‘I will increase your followers’.

In the gig FAQ, you state ‘We will increase your audience and generate real followers. Your post will get more likes and comments.’

There’s also ‘Faster Real Followers’ on your gig image.

All these things may easily make it look like you’re promising/selling likes, comments and followers.

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what is the solution now?

Change the title, image and FAQ so that it doesn’t look like you’re selling followers, likes and comments, or guaranteeing that your clients will get them.

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ok I will make sure I do that

thanks catwriter I made the changes my gig is back