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Instagram tips - Don't buy the wrong service

We all know that we should inform ourselves before making a purchase. It’s common sense.

However, sometimes we believe in something just because everyone does too. We all know that the masses many times are mistaken. Therefore, don’t blindly accept the quality of a service just because of the overall ratings. (obviously they are a good indicator but try to get more information on what you want to actually purchase)

The advice that I have to give you is regarding Instagram services. Although I am new to Fiverr, I am not new to Instagram and I was shocked to see a lot of people with a lot of 5 stars ratings selling services that clearly damage your Instagram accounts.

For that reason, I will do my best to provide you some value and knowledge, so that your next purchases regarding any Instagram service are more efficient for you.

  1. Goodness Score - For those who don’t know, Instagram has a Goodness Score, which is calculated by the Instagram Algorithm taking into consideration your good VS bad actions on the platform. Therefore, if your Instagram account has a high goodness score, it will be perceived as desirable and your content will be exposed to more people.

  2. Good VS Bad Actions - As mentioned above, there are two types of actions you can perform on Instagram: good and bad actions. Although the good actions are not fundamental for the goal of this post, you should totally know which type of actions are considered bad by the algorithm: abusing in the number of likes, follows, and comments (surpassing the hourly and daily limits), violating the guidelines of Instagram, doing follow/unfollow strategies, buying fake likes/followers, etc. These actions will reduce your goodness score and your account will rank lower, which means that Instagram will favor the content of others over yours.

  3. Follow/Unfollow - In a nutshell, as you can now understand, follow/unfollow methods are perceived as bad actions by the algorithm, as they are not organic. It is not how you are supposed to grow on Instagram and I can assure you that the Algorithm is aware of every account that does follow/unfollow to grow. If you check the platform “Socialblade”, you can see how much an account is growing everyday, how many people they are following/stopping to follow daily and so on. So please, for your own good, do not invest in follow/unfollow.

  4. Buying Likes - Another huge mistake to ruin the “health” of your account. Long story short, when you spend money on a service that guarantees you likes, I can 100% assure you that one of two things will happen: or the majority of the likes you will receive are from accounts that are not active daily on Instagram, or the likes are made by accounts which make a ton of likes per day on Instagram.
    The goal with the purchase of likes should be for your content to be exposed to more people. However, if the accounts are not real (and with real, I mean from real people that use Instagram like everybody else, without liking thousands of posts everyday or without engaging at all), I can assure you that not only your content will not get that exposure, but also you will be damagin your account, since your likes increased at a huge rate and your exposure did not (which statistically does not make sense and the Algorithm is aware of that).

There are actually a few services that provide likes given by real accoutns but notice that you MUST get well-informed regarding these services (called Powerlikes). However, the majority of likes/followers providers are cheap and fake. A true powerlikes’ provider will be expensive, I can assure you that.

The explanation for every topic should be way longer but I don’t want to make this a giant and boring post. However, I thought it would be important for you to have this notions before investing on your next Instagram service, as you would be wasting money in something that would not benefit you at all.

Hope this post was useful to you!

Have a great day everyone :wink:


What is the difference between likes and shoutouts?

A shoutout is when someone shares one of your posts on their page. There are also shoutouts in which people share your Instagram page in their Instagram stories.

A like is just a like ahah

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Last night a seller was on the Forum talking about selling shoutouts so that is why I was curious. That seller was warned that his gig and even his whole account could be removed for selling shoutouts because they are against Fiver Terms of Service. So that make me curious about how they were different from likes as I know likes are against Fiver ToS too.

I am SO behind with this kind of stuff, share, shout-out, likes, clicks and impressions, tweeting etc etc, smoke starts to come out of my ears right away!
At least I know share and like, well that’s a start…


These terms will become familiar in no time :slight_smile:

Some important terms you might want to research are: impressions, reach, story shoutout VS post shoutout, organic growth, Instagram categorisation, DM groups, viral content and engagement

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