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Instant funds clearing removed?

Noticed there’s no longer an option to immediately clear funds (without waiting 2 weeks) for 1% fee.
Has this feature been removed or is it just a bug?


It was placed as a temporary thing when Covid started becoming a major issue, so maybe Fiverr has decided that it has indeed run its course.


I just checked and still see the option. Do you by any chance have only revenues pending for orders that the buyers didn’t actively complete?


Early payout feature is in beta and I think I just got it a few days ago, it wasn’t there a week back for me probably.

It seems by the looks of it that the speed up button shows only for orders that have been marked as complete by the buyer, not on all orders. If the buyer didn’t mark the order as complete, or if it was marked as complete automatically after 3 days without response from the buyer, then there is no option for early payout.


Weird thing, noticed this option was gone yesterday, bot now it seems early payout options is back for me. Not sure what happened, thank you all for responding :slight_smile:


hello, mate. so, i got this problem right now and want to know how to fix this. what do you do back then?

Hi! At the moment this feature seems tp be is missing for me as well
Back then it was unavailable for about a week and then returned. Not sure how this works

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wow, so at this moment your Early Payout option is gone too? oh man, i hope this is just a bug. Because i need that option as well. it helps me a lot.

Anyway, are you ever got a dispute? I mean canceled order. I thought that was the reason why early payout is gone because since i canceling order, i’ve got this issue. What do you think? Is it relate?