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Instant messaging ?!


Hi, I am working on a big project with this seller where Fiverr’s email like messaging system is becoming a problem… I seriously need to have instant messaging with this person. But Fiverr’s terms of service say that I cannot do that understand any circumstances. My question is retarded and stupid but

’Is there any exception to this rule?'

Ofcourse I have not shared anything with the seller yet. How else can I improve chat experience?


I think that all you can do is agree to a time to both be on, with all the information needed and use the Fiverr messaging system which isn’t a chat, but it’s quick.

But Fiverr’s biggest rule is Thou Shalt Not Communicate Where We Cannot See You. :frowning:


Yea really it would be great… It takes sometime to scroll down to see the latest messages haha