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Instant payment on fiver?

how to get instant payment after project is accepted by client?because i dont want to wait for 15 days more to complete the pending time interval …



You haven’t read the terms have you, otherwise…

Become TRS and wait 7 days, but instant, you’re kidding yeah?

You need your own site and payment integration for immediate gratification, even then, that’s depending on the terms of your payment provider.


Even having your own site would not guarantee instant payment for you. First, you would need to get an order. To get an order you need outstanding plan, portfolio, marketing and more.

And now, imagine how likely or how long would it take to get an order from your own new site?

In other words, your wish will likely remain your dream…

Good luck!


I saw a YouTube video last month in which he is telling that if you are a level 1 or level 2 seller then you have the option of quick payment if it is authorized by the buyer … just to confirm it weather its true or not…

I am guessing you talk about Early Payout feature that is (or was) available to some Sellers.

However, I have no idea if this feature still works and what are the eligibility criteria to get it.

You may want to read this topic Have You Used Fiverr Early Payout Option?

yes that option

I have it, but never use it. Fiverr charges 1% of the payment to use the feature.

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I don’t have that feature so what are the eligibility criteria to get it??

As i know 14 days need to get money after project done.So no way get instant payment.

Suggest you take time to read through the topic @blavaro posted where it has been widely discussed.

It seems to be available to selected sellers.