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"Creative Writing - Signed, Sealed and Delivered!"

My goal is to provide quality content to clients around Elance, and build a strong reputation in here. I thrive to write heavily researched, always up-to-the-mark contents for you. It does not matter on which topic the article is, because I can write you anything and everything! The only thing that matters, is value for your money, and delivering you content that was fore looked by you before awarding the job to me.

I’m a high school science graduate and I’m currently pursuing my B.Sc (Honours) in Computer Science. Although I am a science student, I have shown excellence in language department too. My dream is to become a programmer and be a part of the development team of a large IT company. I first started creative writing at the age of 10, one day when I was bored to death because of a major power fault in my locality. It became a hobby afterwards, and I continued to write for school magazines, composing parody news for my school friends etc. I took up freelancing this year, and not just because I want to earn some money but because this helps me improve myself further as an article writer. Freelancing is like a paid internship to me.

Along with creative writing, I also do rewriting works. Every article that leaves my desk is thoroughly checked by many checkers around the internet for matching. Every rewrites I have done had come up with 1%-5% match with the original one and “Unique Content” alert in plagiarism checkers. So with me your SEO is always guaranteed, which in terms provides you with a better SERP. Every works that I do are heavily researched, and are stuffed with important information; that means no fluff or filler contents to eat up the word count. The works are checked thoroughly and carefully for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I always submit the job well in time, so that you get a large time-frame to check the work, and suggest any other edits to be done. Along with it I also provide data entry and internet research services for a comparatively cheaper prices. Good at operating Microsoft Excel and other leading spreadsheets; I guarantee 100% error free data entry.

“Cheap things are seldom good, and good things are seldom cheap” - that’s what most people believe in before they meet me. My prices are revised to best suit for new entrepreneurs, small companies and individual clients who do not have large capital to start with, but looking for quality works. I prioritize quality over quantity, and I have a flexible payment scheme, so with me working is always fun and affordable. But I humbly request that if you like my work (or if you do not) then please leave a review for me in Elance, which gives me the ability to improve more and gives me a better visibility around Elance.

I created my first gig on Fiverr today and I am pretty excited about it. I am promoting my article writing services for a mere exchange of fees. Please do not hesitate to contact me about any queries.

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Completed two gig orders. Feels like a great achievement. :))

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