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Instead of fiverr you should change some thing else

instead of fiverr you should change some thing else because i asked few users for few gigs no one ready for 5$ every one asks for 50 or 70 or 90 $

dear seller dont post as 5$ and ask for then more money either do for 5$ for leave it

Every gig should have something that is offered for $5, most especially whatever is offered in the gig headline. If not, you need to report the gig.

Extras are how sellers actually make their money.

So what were you looking for for $5 that you had trouble finding?

I always said that should be changed " i will… for" to " i will… from ".

Every buyer that comes normally needs things that cost more than 5$.

I prefer to prepare a custom offer rather than fill the gig with buttons that create confusion to client.

I can’t understand how people can offer a standard price for creative things.

Price is only a part of the project. It’s necessary to hear the client because normally they have a non clear idea of what they need. Or they think that all is very easy to prepare. Hear the client, treat with him and give him the best service. Once you and your client are in the same wave you can speak of price.

Well it’s my thinking…

I do a lot more custom offers now, too, @Odbtec. That being said, the $5 deal is what makes people come to the site. If it were just another marketplace, I’m not sure it would have the traffic it does. Right now, my gig average is a lot higher, but I’m still doing a fair amount of $5 gigs.

Reply to @rachelbostwick: I know that, but i can’t prepare jobs that need a minimum of 3 or 4 hours for 5$. I know that there are jobs that are very easy to do, but normally create is not a cheap job. Thats the reason i say From intead For.

And, you have to remember that 1$ is for Fiverr. (i don’t discuss this, of course) but if we want to do money we need to give real prices and good quality. As i said, is my thinking.

Reply to @odbtec: Yes, I can see that what you do is very complicated! :slight_smile:

Reply to @rachelbostwick: Some months ago i added a note on gig explaining that images shown cost more than 5$ because a client told me " well, you show works like this under a title of 5$"… uppsss… i directly added the note, because i can be accused of

misleading advertising. And that what can make clients go out from Fiverr. They expect to have very complete jobs just only for 5$ and discover the crude reality. Excuse me please… I don’t want to offend anyone !!

Every gig has to offer at least a basic $5 gig. If you want something more than the basic $5 gig, that is why Fiverr has gig extras.

Fiverr states that gigs START at $5, not that all gigs are inclusively $5.

More than likely, you probably only wanted to pay $5 but expected $50 worth of work.

If you think you can get a better deal outside of Fiverr, you are welcome to leave as well.

I’d also like to know what you were looking for which you expect it to be $5? Give us more information to let us decide.

I think fiverr is absolutely amazing, ok so you don’t end up paying just $5 but just to have the stress taken away of having someone else do the hard work for such a small amount of money is a godsend! the trick i found is, any gig i am interested in i always go straight to their feedback comments first if there is any negative feedback at all i wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. but so far i have had some great gigs and i love it.

At the end of the day the SELLER is the one doing the work so he can charge whatever he wants, if you are too poor to buy the gig at the price the seller wants, then go find someone else that will do it for the price YOU want. :))

Reply to @odbtec: I really don’t know your space, but the video production world is the same. The scope of projects can be enormous. Here is how I made my gig work for me.

I chose an exact scenario that I was willing to do for $5.00. I know that it only is a good fit for about 10% of the buyers. I also offer a $25.00 package that is good for 60% of the buyers. I make about $10-$25.00 per hour on the $5 package. I make between $50-$100 per hour on the $25.00 package. I custom quote anything that is not one of the 2 options. I don’t have complicated addons letting customers build their project. My custom order quotes only involve a word count and I double check to make sure their script will work. Remember I can easily refuse any project that is not one of the 2 things that I offer. My offer is not open ended.

The fast food restaurant does the same thing with the dollar menu.

I would also encourage people to really study Productization. Pat Flynn has a great podcast showing the benefits of this. For 20 years, I have always custom quoted projects spending countless hours building proposals and getting maybe half the jobs.

Productization takes the proposals out of the process. It’s very interesting.

I realized that Productization is one of the things that makes Fiverr so efficient. My $50.00 video on Fiverr would cost $400.00 on Elance only because of the additional time of writing proposal and losing bids.

Reply to @landongrace: Hi… Thanks so much for your explanation.

I can understand this but (it’s my opinion) that this productization you say should be applied if client constructs its own offer but not an order. If there was a way that you can accept or reject this own offer i will be the first to apply it. But meantime as i know the only can send a custom offer is the seller. If customer doesn’t understand the gig you prepared you can have non desired orders and mutual cancellations.

Also, there are some jobs i can’t do for different reasons.

I don’t want to leave this to client. I like the treatment with client and work a little for him before he pays something. As per my experience here i prefer to proceed like this, and the custom offer is the best tool that Fiverr has placed in my hands. Client only needs to confirm what i send him. Excuse me, please. Maybe my system is not the best, of course, but it runs very well for me. Thanks for your intrerest!! :wink:

Reply to @odbtec: Like I mentioned, I don’t know your space. I’m just sharing some ideas. It took me months to get here and I would love to make someone’s journey smoother than mine. The seller designs the productized service not the customer. I think you are right keeping a simple offer may keep the customer from mis-ordering. I’ve only had about 60 cancellations in 1400 orders. It took me 4 generations of changing the offer to make it really clear.

Great to meet you and I enjoyed see what you offer!

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks so much. We, the users of Fiverr can’t value enough your experience here !! Have a nice day and continue sharing here. :slight_smile:

It is buyers who set the price, not sellers. All a seller can do is suggest.

If a seller suggest his services are worth $30 and buyers pay it, than buyers determined it’s worth. If the seller is not getting any sales for $30, he would have to lower his price.

$4 is too little for a job that may take a few hours.

However, this is how Fiverr is different from any other freelancing website. You can easily provide very small services. I personally try to make the $4 as close to my hourly rate as possible.