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Instructions for Buyer > Vanished!

Have any other sellers had the problem that after updating a gig, the mandatory instructions for the buyer suddenly disappeared? I’ve got a couple orders that are bunged up right now because the buyers placed an order, but the instructions that should have displayed, didn’t, and now I’m losing time waiting for them to get back to me. Gahh…

Another weird problem: Another gig I operate out of nowhere had inactive gig extras suddenly re-appear as active. That was unfortunate having to explain to the customer that I’m not offering that particular service at that particular price anymore. I’ll talk to support about it and see what comes of it.

The same happened to me, and with an order where the buyer purchased extra fast delivery. Fortunately, he replied quickly to my questions.

I had to edit the gig again, add buyer requirements, and make certain that the box is checked.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s discovered this delightful problem, lol

This sounds like one that might be good to report to Customer Support. I know they are slow but it would be a worthwhile few minutes if it gets their attention and gets fixed. I haven’t experienced it myself so I don’t want to open a ticket and try to describe it, but maybe one of you guys could?