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Instructions for the Buyer limitations


I’ve an issue where there isn’t enough room for me to fully elaborate my instructions to the buyer.

I was just curious if anyone else has this issue and what your work-around was? It would be nice if we could upload a video for just the buyers to see, anyone agree? Or a document! Since you can already when messaging them, but it would be great if it was automated.

Thanks, I appreciate any insight!



Reply to @kjblynx:

I tried to as best as I could just to make it fit, but I leave out instructions for mac users and I have no room to ask for the extra information I need if they buy gig extras!

So I have a note pad file on my computer and phone with pre-written content I send as soon as I see I have one of these orders or issues. It’s just more time consuming- but I guess it’s just part of the process.


Just use a smaller font! (hehe, j/k)

Seriously though is there any way you could add some of the instructions into your gig description?

Or maybe split the gigs up so you have one specifically for mac users?


Reply to @instamarketer: If you would like send it to me I can condense anything.



I hear you… but whether long or short, a lot of folks don’t really read the instructions, or read them thoroughly. As a long time business owner, radio broadcaster and college instructor, I’ve seen attention spans and comprehension levels shrink. Plus we live and work in a global market and a great deal of customers just don’t have a full understanding of English, at least not as a first or even second language.

I’ve reduced my gig instructions to the bare minimum. Bullet points in fact. And I’ve moved the larger requirements to my gig description to get it out in front, where I must say it has worked wonders.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Even with bullet points most still don’t read the instructions LOL.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

I think the issue with people not reading the instructions is that after purchase it doesn’t immediately take you to the instructions page. So people see SUCCESS Your order is made and they leave.

I think I figured it out, find a mediafilesharing site that doesn’t require a transfer of contact information and give them a link to go dl the word document or whatever with the instructions. That was actually suggested by a member of fiverr customer support!