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Integrity for sale?

I realize that there are a lot of people who have no qualms about completing gigs that provide testimonials or positive reviews for services/products that they haven’t tried, but I am not one of them. For the past week, I’ve seen a huge rise in buyers ordering my commenting gig and asking me to do or say things that I feel is completely unethical.

One buyer this week was so ticked off when I tried to mutually cancel the order that she sent me a barrage of messages calling me lazy and accusing me of wanting to party instead of completing her gig. I am a career professional working more than full-time. My integrity is worth more than $4.

Part 1 of rant - To Unethical Buyers, Sellers are not at your complete disposal just because you laid down a few bucks. We really want to help you and we want to provide a service, but you can’t go into a gig expecting to buy a Seller’s integrity unless they specifically disclose in the gig that they are willing to provide false testimonials.

Part 2 of rant - To Unethical Sellers, stop setting up expectations in Buyers that this site is a bed of unprofessional people willing to do anything for money. Will you ever be caught by a government agency for false advertising? Probably not. But, don’t you have some pride?

I am encouraged to read this post. As a fairly new buyer I have had occasion to question the integrity of the sellers I have chosen. Not often mind you, but is has happened. Its reassuring to find out that at least some sellers are concerned as well.

Sometimes its a good idea to put some boundaries in gig descriptions. Then you have a chance of getting negative ratings removed if a client wants you to do something outside your gig boundaries.

Total agreement with your Rants, Part 1 AND Part 2. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s not worth “selling your soul” for $4. So it’s pretty sad to see all the Seller-Scum willing to do just that.


Yes, they won’t be caught by Useless Big Brother government… but they eventually WILL be caught by Fiverr… because enough people will complain about their actions that Fiverr will eventually delete their account!


Reply to @chrisvolkay: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!

In the comment you quote here, the Seller PROVES that you are an unreasonable, insulting, incredibly-STUPID buyer!!

Reply to @regency85: Thank you so much regency

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