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Intellectual Property Claim?

I got an email today saying that one of my gigs was removed due to an intellectual property claim. I was the only gig to ever get an order. Once. It also had the most impressions and views, by far. I just spent time and money creating a new video for the gig. I also made a higher quality version to put on YouTube. I had just uploaded it and was working on the optimization when I got the email. I am not happy. At all.

There’s nothing in my gig to claim copyright on. The gig was to help videos rank on YouTube. I create link wheels using Google properties. I do the work manually, no software. I emailed support to ask who thinks they have a claim on my work, no reply yet. Everything I used in the video I have rights to use. So it can’t be the video. I am curious about that as it happened just a few days after I uploaded the video here. Besides, would they remove a gig for the video? I would think they’d just remove the video.

And why do they remove a gig without even asking me about the claim? That’s what really ticks me off. They didn’t even bother to ask me. The also didn’t bother to tell me who made the claim and what they were claiming. I guess I’ll just put it on my website. Less traffic, of course, but I don’t have to pay 20% of my earnings.


Offering a service which attempts to augment how things like videos rank on Youtube is against Youtube’s TOS and subsequently, Fiverr’s also.

Sorry, but there will be no kind of recovery from this for you.


There’s quite a few gigs offering the same thing. How are they still up? I’m just making backlinks.

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They finally replied after 12-13 hours. Said the same thing the email said. I asked for clarification and to restore my gig. Was told they can’t restore. So my only review - all 5 starts - is gone for good. All because they don’t know what a backlink is. I was also told I could make another gig. When I asked how to do that without knowing what phantom rule I broke I got no answer again. So I did a search for “video backlinks” and got a bunch of results. I copied the link and sent it to them asking why they could do it and I couldn’t? Still nothing. Customer service here is lacking severely.

That has happened with me once, i collect an gig image from google, it was an accounting book with a calculator, and i was sure that nobody on fiverr own it

I get all my images from Pixabay. All free and you can use them however you wish. That said, I created the image myself and I had commercial rights for everything I used in the gig video. I never use anything I’m not allowed to use.

What video did you use? Where did you get it?

This is a contradiction.

In the sites that you can download images for free the use of them are not in order you get profit from them. You just use them for personal use. I know it from my experience.

Sorry for what happened to you. It is really bad…

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I made the video myself, spent money getting enough views and likes for the YouTube version.
Not a contradiction at all. Excelassist used an image from Google. I told him where to get safe photos for free. For my gig image, I created my own in Canva - using images from Pixabay. Don’t use Canva’s images if you’re going to sell something. They don’t allow it. Always Pixabay - or some other one. Pixabay is the best free option.

Pixabay allows commercial use. I know, some of my own images are there and I had to acknowledge the fact. I’ve used them so much I can spot them on Pinterest and Facebook ads. So use them as you wish, you won’t get in trouble.

Where did you made the video? online platform?

still doesn’t matter if your pictures are there as well. The point is that those pics were for personal use and not to make profit off them. And you were unlucky and you were spotted :confused:

I’m not sure how you can be asking what caused you to have a gig removed due to 3rd party copyright violation and be advising people at the same time to use things and saying they won’t get in trouble for it.

I see your google link wheel gig with the video is still there, is that the one you are talking about?

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Because it wasn’t the video or image, it was the offer. They just won’t explain to me how other people are offering the same thing and not having their gigs removed. Also - STILL no reply from Fiverr. I’ve moved them to the “horrendous” customer service category. The silent treatment is for children. Adults outgrow it.

Did you use the google logo? The problem was something to do with google.

No, but I used YouTube in the title. That could be it, but Fiverr won’t tell me. I guess they’re more interested in playing childish games.

google won’t even show your removed gig in its cache. You also had a gig for “youtube url scraper” which they won’t show.

Either it’s google or it’s youtube who complained not only to fiverr but also to google.

It’s possible that the reason is actually the things you were doing to manipulate youtube.

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I don’t even know what a url scraper is. That wasn’t me. Making backlinks isn’t manipulating anything. That’s all I do. I’ve done it to my own videos and they’re all ranked page one. If it was manipulation, YouTube would have caught it already and my videos would be gone.

Of course it is. Google bans sites from its index every day for it.

Then why are some allowed here and some aren’t? Just type “video backlinks” into the Fiverr search. You’ll see lots, and one guy with over 20,000 reviews. He’s been there a while. Or she, I didn’t look.

I don’t know. I’m not the one to argue with here, just trying to get to the reason for it.