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Intentional negative review

Hi all.

I was recently hit with what I believe was a targeted negative review.

Here’s how the order went. It was for a gig where I brainstorm taglines:

  1. Client left very vague instructions. I wasn’t even completely sure if he wants English taglines.

  2. I sent a few simple questions to the seller to help sort out the instructions.

  3. Client never responded. Because the deadline was closing I did the best I could according to instructions and delivered the work.

  4. In my delivery I stated that I did the work even though I didn’t have clear instructions and that in case the delivery wasn’t what he wanted, he can message me and we’ll sort it out.

  5. Client immediately left a negative review stating “Unacceptable Experience”.

  6. I contact the client if he could explain what I did wrong. I made sure I asked very politely. He never responded.

I could tell he was online during that time. So he surely got all my messages.

He never responded to any of my messages but left a negative review immediately. He also bought the smallest package I have which isn’t all that common for this gig.

What pisses me off is that this gig really started to get traction. I was receiving a lot of orders (more than usual) and my clients were very happy on average. I’m especially proud of my client managing skills and even when I’m not able to give them exactly what they want in terms of suggestions, they leave satisfied as they know I did all I could to help them.

I contacted customer support but they responded with the usual “we take client reviews very seriously”. They don’t even want to listed to my arguments that this was all done intentionally.

So if I understand this correctly, I could go to all my competitors, buy the cheapest packages and leave negative reviews. This is beyond wrong seeing how important reviews are for our businesses.

This platform is really starting to piss me off. I’ve been here for almost 2 years, I have close to a 1,000 reviews of which 2 negative. I never had a featured gig in that time and all my impressions are falling. And now this. The part that pisses me off the most is that customer support doesn’t even want to look in to this.

Has anyone had a similar experience?


You might be right, because the account was created just recently. It could easily be a dummy account.


You have a case there…could be one of your competitors, but don’t expect you to get any justice.


Oh, I’ve got that also at the beginning here.
Not once but 3 times in a row, and CS didn’t help me at all… that attitude towards my Gig put me out of the game for 4 months (I went under the average percentual to allow me to look for Buyers Request)… and I’ve learned from that experience.

You should have stopped (canceled) the order at point 3:

I know we all want to help, but we cannot help those who doesn’t even know what they want. You should have canceled the order there. I know that if that was a targeted bad review (like I had) if he refuses to cancel, the CS cannot do anything: “The order is active and we advise you to ask for a mutual cancellation…bla…bla…bla…” After the time is over, then you’re the loser.
Solution: write your mandatory questions in your Gig, to gather information, if they do not send enough information or vague info, then you have something to show to CS, that you’re not able to work with that client, and ask to cancel.


Mutual cancellation is just as bad as a negative review…so sellers are basically trapped. One scammer made 9 orders from 9 different accounts in the past. I got all of them cancelled…did not do the work…I am very smart at catching such things, told trust and safety about it…but what happens…it was seen as 9 cancellations and my account took a hit because of that.


It is, but I prefer having a higher cancellation rate for a while and not 9 negative reviews in a row forever. In my opinion, the latter would be worse, and from two bad options, I choose the less painful one.
I’ve contacted CS saying it was a guy with 3 different accounts and they couldn’t help, so I had to eat that frog 3 times.
You will maybe be surprised, that after I put my mandatory questions in my Gigs (what information I need to start), I have 12 orders “stuck” without starting between 4 and 2 years old… all of them for the minimum price. Those I believe were also scammers who didn’t have enough patience to fill all info into all those Gigs.


I guess I’ll have to update my gig requirements.

I always kept these simple, because I want my clients to have as little trouble as possible when ordering a gig.

I was caught off guard by the latest review. I guess I still believe people on average aren’t ass-holes, even though I get reminded daily that they are :slight_smile:

The sad part is that CS does nothing about that even if they know we were done wrong.


I’m a living proof of the contrary of what you said. You said that you prefer higher cancellation rate over negative reviews, because negative reviews are worse.

I beg to differ, because this is exactly how I thought for the last 7 years as well, and preferred mutual cancellations with bad buyers instead of getting revengeful negative reviews, but guess what? That brought me to the minimum sales of all those 7 years!

I also noticed that the more I mutually cancelled to prevent bad buyers from harming my ratings, the less orders I received. Whenever you cancel, your gig ranking suffers because you’re not profitable.

Still not convinced? Think about this way: do you think Fiverr prefers that you cancel and not bring money to their profits, or does Fiverr prefer that you cancel instead to avoid a negative and not bring money to their profits? Fiverr sees that you don’t bring them money by cancelling, which is the worst of all because it’s bad for their overall business. If you get a negative, Fiverr cares less because you still bring them money.


Report to customer services, with the evidence that you asked questions, etc. It is your best bet to get a resolution to this.

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That´s very interesting. I´ve paused a gig a scammer had booked recently because I was so fed up with that and didn´t want to run the risk of ‘her’ ordering it again before I’d get around to edit it for price and some things and from the ‘conversation’ we had I suppose what you say might well have saved me from that specific cancellation.

I had more requirements at the beginning and did my best to shorten it to make everything clearer to ‘get at one glance’ and so that sensible buyers who don´t need lots of explanations etc. don´t have to waste their time reading through the requirement page, but I´ll keep that in mind for the pending and future editings as a counter argument, thank you!


I did that. It’s like they can understand what I’m trying to say. I received numerous responses, all with the same message “We value the feedback that clients leave and therefore can’t remove it”.

I asked directly if it’s possible that I was targeted for a bad review and they are avoiding answering this.

All in all, they proved as totally unhelpful.

And this comes from someone who otherwise values the help we get from CS.

I accept and understand your point of view, I may also differ with your argument though.
Since I’ve adopted this method in my category, I indeed saw a difference regarding the quantity of jobs I was getting. But guess what? I had more buyers who were ordering for more $$. So what happened was to get rid of trouble makers and get more serious clients.
Not convinced? I made more $$ in the last 2 years than in all other 3 years I was working in Fiverr and with waaaay less orders than before. And I still do…
I quote:

I was also getting tired of those situations. And again, talking about my own experience:
I have less orders, but it’s a fact, that a client who is serious, and wants to have the best from you and get what they really want, will take the time to fill my requirements and have the opportunity to explain what they need, without going back and forth with messaging. It saves me time, and my revision rate went down from 40% to 15%, that means 80-85% of my deliveries are accepted and reviewed at the first attempt.
On the other hand, regarding cancellations, in my personal case, I prefer them because I can revert that situation within 60 days, and it would be way worse to revert (like in the case of @writer99025) nine bad reviews in a row. That would take way much more effort, as any potential client would get scared to see all those negative reviews at once on his profile page.
To @miiila, those 12 orders that are stuck and nobody never answered to my “knock-knock” messages were either 12 cancellations or 12 negative reviews…


Actually you’re right, I also noticed the same thing: cancelling potentially troublesome buyers (especially since they are usuallt $5 bargain hunters) got me rid of bad clientele and instead got me bigger $$ orders albeit less total orders. Maybe I got used to having tons of smaller orders in all these years and I’m still getting used to having a few but larger and thus more time for myself… Good point! :ribbon:

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I am also steering toward canceling orders if the experience is not going positively. I think it’s better than getting a negative review, and that is hinted to by the fact that your cancellation rate resets every 60 days.

This may become futile, however, if in the future Fiverr decides to adopt similar mechanisms as those of Upwork, where both your rating and job completion rate also have a time dimension to them. For now, though, I think it’s the best strategy.

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It feels strange, uh? But the $$ you get is even more, and by working on much more interesting projects.
Oh, and regarding Uncle Fiverr, I bet he’s also happy if I cancel 5 orders for $10 and instead I complete 5 for $100 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If cancellation rate is resetting every 60 days, why hasn’t mine reset at all so far? It’s gotten even worse, and it’s been over 60 days!

You did not have enough information to do this order. You should have cancelled it.

Fiverr looks at the reasons for cancelling. This would not have counted against you.

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And you haven’t had any recent cancellations? It’s probably a bug and you should report it to CS

I’ve had some recent cancellations, but my cancellation rate is around 19-22% all the time, always fluctuating, never resetting back to 0% nor 5-10% for that matter.

Hmm… There is something weird. I just noticed that there are two pages on Fiverr Academy that contradict each other about completion rate.

The first one:

The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the seller’s lifetime total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated and mutual cancellations.

The second one:

Note* There has been a recent update to order calculation. Previously, the formula included the lifetime history of orders, whereas with this update, it refreshes every 60 days.

They may be still rolling out the update. I think contacting CS is in order.

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