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Intentionally Buyer cancel order after receiving job

I have got an order for a buyer. I successfully deliver his job and I did it perfectly as he asked. After receiving works buyer asked for refunds as he doesn’t’ like my work but I didn’t see any fault of my works. I was honest in my side. I always try to satisfy all my clients. but if a buyer pre-intention to do his job done in this way (canceling order frequently after job done) what can I do then? I do not want to refund my hard working money.


Then don’t refund his order. Fiverr’s terms of service state that buyers are not entitled to a refund if the seller delivered the work according to the terms of the gig. I’ll assume that you delivered your work according to those terms. In which case, you upheld your end of the transaction. If you did a good job, keep your money. You don’t have to refund it if you don’t want to.

Just be aware that if you don’t accept the refund request, the buyer IS entitled to leave a review of his/her choosing.

Has the buyer told you specifically what they don’t like about your work? I’d recommend seeing whether there is a way to work with the buyer to make this into a good situation for both parties. Sometimes that unfortunately is impossible, but it’s worth a try. As jonbaas said, you are not obligated to refund the money, but you do run the risk of receiving a negative rating if things can’t be worked out. If you do process a refund, then the buyer can’t leave you any sort of feedback for this order.

i refund him with his completed work. some buyer knows high ranking seller never wants to get bad feedback so they might get their money back with work. But this kind of buyer is very few. Most of them are good person. Seller should have options to see buyers previous history in this marketplace.

Google “buyername” fiverr review. Check.

Do the work to the best of your ability. If they then put on the cloak of asshole, then take it to Customer Support and remain polite. Do not offer a refund. As with naughty children, you must punish them.