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Intentionally Giving low rating

Hello, I am a Video Editor. some clients come and never say anything until the last minute before completion and suddenly they ask for extra work. due to fear of a low rating, I always do it to make sure they don’t give a bad rating. but recently I get one guy who ordered and I did exactly 100% what he said and he said he liked it. In the end, he said can you send me a video project file? I refused and he did not say anything he accepted the order and give me a 4 star and bad review.
these things really demotivate and effect work

That’s not a bad review. He said your work is satisfactory, that’s not bad. Plus, 4 stars is not bad. Did you get a 1-star review from people that want to really damage your account? I did, and that stings. This is just a 4-star review, and a positive one at that.


@donnovan86 I offered him a video edit before placing an order. he didn’t need to order if he did not like it. that was a favor to see sample work before placing an order for free.