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Interested buyers write to me but they never order

Hi everyone!

I’m new on fiverr.

Some interested buyers have written to me asking me questions about my gigs, I answer them with kidness and with specific information.

However, they never complete their orders or request to buy one of my gigs.

I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know if I need to send them a link to order or any other thing.

Thanks !!!

Welcome to Fiverr!

It might help to send them a custom order after you have provided them with an answer on their questions, specifically targeted on their request.

Don’t answer directly with a CO, but first answer them the way you do and then await their reply.

Keep in mind most Buyers tend to window :shopping: shop before committing to placing an order. Just don’t take it personally, if the potential Buyer is interested in your service they will place an order, in the meantime don’t worry about it.I get those messages a lot, they are weighing their options which is fine by me.


Where can I get that custom order you mentioned?