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Interested in anime/cartoonize portrait, anyone?


Hey everyone! i just started and im really new here!
i deliver cute anime portrait in my own unique style!
mind to check on my gigs and support me? :] just click on the link below and please do order if youre interested!
Thank you~! looking forward to create something for you guys!


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Those are lovely! I’ve no need of one right now but will keep you in mind. And thank you for bumping your thread rather than creating new ones, although (and I know it’s exciting but) you may want to do it less frequently - every few weeks rather than every few days, just so your post doesn’t get deleted.


you mean my post will get deleted if i often bump it? :open_mouth:

I didnt knew that! thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

and thank youu! tho im still struggling to get some clients >,< if you ever need one, just find me, teehee :smiley:


Reply to @seo_ra: Yes, I’ve seen it happen a few times so thought I’d let you know. You’re welcome. :slight_smile: