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Interested in free guest posting opportunities to promote your gigs?

I’ve recently launched a website promoting my own Fiverr services, as well as providing buyers’ and sellers’ tips and tricks in using Fiverr (it’s a constructive site instead of some spammy, poorly designed ones). It’s slowly growing, and attracting constant daily traffic from people searching keywords about Fiverr like avoid website traffic scams on Fiverr, Fiverr twitter promotion scam, professional hate Fiverr, professional Fiverr logo designer and best Fiverr logo designer (in front of 30th rank). I’m doing white-hat SEO and focusing on high quality content instead of some black-hat SEO (like those selling on Fiverr #-o ), so the site would be safe for search engine, and it’s going quite well.

As you may know, guest posting can be a more unique way to promote your Fiverr gigs, compared to other social networks. Rather than posting in a Facebook group full of Fiverr sellers only or spamming your Twitter account with completely promotional stuff, showing a guest post in a site dedicated to Fiverr is a nice and natural way to benefit your gig page SEO and exposure.

Unlike some sellers selling space for guest posts on Fiverr, I’d like to let you guest post for free, under the condition that the article written is high quality and original. Like many guest posts, I’d include a link back to your Fiverr profile (or gig page if you like) as well as your bio. I’ve already covered some general tips for sellers in my blog post, so it’d be great if you could write about tips, stories, scams, reminders for buyers and sellers about some more specific niches.

If you’re interested, feel free to message me on Fiverr. I’ll provide more information on that.


Note: I won’t disclose my website url in neither messages nor Fiverr forum, according to Fiverr’s TOS and forum rules. You may be smart enough to spot my website out though. I’ll find ways to prove it (like screenshots) if I publish your article.

First guest post accepted and published. Already ranks for specific key phrase ‘Find Fiverr Proofreader’ in Google page 1, and more general keywords ‘Fiverr proofreading’ in Google page 3, only after thirty minutes I published it. Expected for gradually increasing search ranking.

My site has ranked page 2 for ‘text logo design’ and page 3 for ‘signature logo design’ recently.

My site has ranked page 1 for ‘hate Fiverr’ and ‘Fiverr VideoHive’. Maybe you can also find my site using Google Image to search ‘how to promote Fiverr gigs’.

That is a good one. we hope to be able to reach your site somehow in order to check it out.

Reply to @timelyservices:

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to message me for more information. But I’d expect the guest post to be high quality, and adding value to my website. Otherwise, I won’t accept it.

well, the paradox is that people would want to see your site first, to ensure the site itself was high quality as well to submit something to.

ALso, keep in mind that your own google searches are going to be different than someone elses, because google knows where you have been on the web and the searches you have done so they target you back to that. All I find when googling some search terms from your update are a bunch of spam pages, horrible looking blog templates and fiverr support pages, and almost nothing from this current year…so that’s just something to keep in mind.

Reply to @sincere18:

sincere18 said: well, the paradox is that people would want to see your site first, to ensure the site itself was high quality as well to submit something to.

Yes, and the paradox is difficult to solve, as I need to follow the forum rules. I've already included some less obvious hints to my website in this post.
sincere18 said: All I find when googling some search terms from your update are a bunch of spam pages, horrible looking blog templates and fiverr support pages

Really? As I'm already aware of the fact that my own browsing history, cookies, and records are tracked by Google, I intentionally used a US proxy to test the searches, so the search results weren't affected by my past searches. I wish my site isn't included in your list of "spam pages, horrible looking blog templates"...just joking. Maybe your searches are also affected by your browsing habits too, is it? Anyway, thanks for pointing out this.

I found it easily via searching your keywords. I might message you about guest posting. The site looks nice!

Reply to @writerlisaz:

Thanks, at least you proved that my site is searchable via Google. :slight_smile:

I try my best to keep the site clean and organized, so it won’t look spammy or horrible. But since it was recently launched, and is still growing, I couldn’t estimate well the potential benefits in the long run. Still, I’m glad to see some pages begin to rank quite well for some keywords.

Hi friend,

May I join in?

I already found it and it’s a nice idea of yours.

Keep safe and may success be with us!

Reply to @jahnzef:

Feel free to message me for more details. Thanks!

Just a little bump and I’ve included UPDATE 2 in my original post. For Fiverr sellers or even buyers who’d like to share their experience, and are interested in writing a guest post, feel free to message me for more information. :slight_smile:

Found! :smiley: looks good well done! Where can people actually advertise? Are you selective enough to mention only serious and skilled sellers and avoid the trainloads of unskilled ‘doers’ form Southern Asia?

Where to apply?


@alw1nl, I’m glad you found the right site. If it’s searchable in Google, it’s a good sign of not being a spam site. I don’t offer any hard sell advertising for other sellers. I offer guest posts instead. The article will be placed in the Fiverr Tips section, and may even rank in Google if it’s well written (I don’t guarantee that).You can refer to my UPDATE 1 in my original post as an example. It’s written by a good proofreader here on Fiverr, and quite successfully ranks.

I don’t select sellers based on their origin. You can see that I’m an Asian but I can still manage the site well. As long as you’re confident that you can write fluent English, I welcome anybody. I have already refused someone who just wanted a direct link back without doing anything, or with some spun or poorly written articles.

This is a really good idea :-bd

@update 3, correct :slight_smile: